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  1. 3x3 lvl 24 us server dead too I remember before 5x5 n 3x3 where dead and we use to demand 2x2 only lvl 15 arena weapon was the best weapon that time xD
  2. you got me wrong I meant the old ones I am sure new stuffs are coming thanks to you guys har
  3. by any chance old costume for girls coming back?? for example lady dress... also I would like to suggest event where players get old costumes as drops.... I mean we already had troll costume event why not dress event on women's day or something
  4. Darn you're back no wonder we elf not getting easy wins in wars move to elf chrono ]:>
  5. idk why they lowered the no. of players in party to 5 but old days where fun things where not so complex its amazing that you still have such old ss
  6. is there any lvl limit like only lvl 6 and above players get chest??
  7. congrats intrepid one of the best tours ever
  8. I was wondering can we get old costumes as achievement rewards like witch dress or lady dress ??
  9. links become useless now due to life steal tanks hardly need heal now
  10. eagerly waiting for new set of adventures go go warspear
  11. common guys not being negative but there where even better entries just disappointing warspear deserves better for those who are selected congrats n best of luck
  12. count my vote in too didn't vote for free chests but coz i Goodluck
  13. i thought you said holiday event weapons and equips stay best and unique for full year :/
  14. congrats satpolpp and thank you for teaching me indo aku cinta kamu satpolpp
  15. i always stand by my opinions ;)

  16. theres your answer Nosotraes Posted Today, 17:27 Classic question: Will players level 24 be able to obtain the Troll costume from Berengar's Heroic?
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