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  1. wow from an ugly duckling to a swan? then make a picture of your self with ur face clear and  with your real name written on a paper, if you cant do that it clearly means youre using fake picture ;)


    I Am not here for you And i am least intrested in what you think and i think the topic is about the wrong drops not abt hw i got a make over please stop wasting my time who so ever you are under a fake girls pic

    I think is ok to get garbage elf drops but need to open trade so we can sell. that will be realy awesome :good: i have few between so any elf want them?  :tease:


    [shadow=red,left][glow=red,2,300]Yea actully open the trade atleast those drops will reach to somebody who needs them :good: [/glow][/shadow]
  3. that picture fake. lulz. ask elmond and pummy if that pic is neelam. she cant post her real pic here because she's black and fat and ugly, i see her pic before on this forum, and on facebook.  :bad:


    Awwwwww........... realy elomnd n pummy  :bad:  thats my latest pic go match it  :crazy:  i even use my real name on my charecters so face it jelious loosersssss  :tease:
  4. [shadow=red,left][glow=red,2,300]what's with all the Deafens Spears  :pleasantry: i guess i nearly collected 40 of them while farming [/glow][/shadow]

    and like genuinely i have evn sold set for 50g  :fool:  still they don't end lol :pardon: 

  5. the update was really really awesome and waiting for the next one too  :good:

    but seriously i am so damm pissed with all these elf drops  :facepalm:

    its like you see a drop you reach out to it and bammm  :mega_shok:  its a elf drop  :facepalm:

    what are you suppose to do with it use it :wacko:

    i have even seen some mc friends tryng to sell these drops  :lol:

    i mean the new class is awesome but why punish us with wrong drops it takes energy, time & dedication to farm laby  :crazy:

    what you guys think about it???? :blush:




  6. After a very long wait the update is announced on 6th june 2012 really excited about the update hope the new 2.10 update will rock :blush: :yahoo: :blush:
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