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  1. Can anyone tell me the following things? 1. Hunter sap expert skill - whats the percentage of the att speed debuff and the psy attack decrease at 4/4? 2. Dodge skill - how much dodge, time at 5/5 ? 3. The blessing of the mountains expert skill- how much dmg reduction and how much evasion ( btw evasion= dodge)? That s all thanks 🙂
  2. Rosylyus

    Expert skills

    So can anyone tell me?
  3. Rosylyus

    Expert skills

    If one good hunter or any that know how to build a hunter could help me please . What expert skills are best for hunter ( bow ) ?
  4. where can i drop these ? i want straight answer. they are lvl 20 axes
  5. i mean these or level 20 ones , but tell me exactly where drop dont give me link7😣
  6. where drop cloak , rings and amulets with damage between lvl 10-20?
  7. If 2 players are in the same team and go hunting lets say lake or GG , will be there drops?
  8. Rosylyus


    If i buy an experience potion and use it how much time will it last? I know 12 hours but 12 played hours or just 12 simple hours ? I mean i have to be in the game 12 hours to waste it or i can not be in the game and it will waste?
  9. Hi i have a lvl 16 rogue and it's so hard for me to lvl him up . Any advice on lvling up faster?
  10. Please tell me where the Inna Dayle is . I need to get its staff.
  11. If i have my cloak, rings and amulets enchanted can i somehow remove the runes and put better runes?
  12. Rosylyus


    At what level will i get quests in the eternal forest ? Or what should i do to get them .
  13. Rosylyus


    It's fine , i figured it out but thank you so much for help.
  14. Rosylyus


    So i entered in the eternal forest and i have some quests but i dont know how to get in the left up corner of the map or at least on that left island . Please help
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