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  1. Admins im got this from eu emerald server, this is bug or hacker? Please tell me @Daria @snorlax
  2. And me its unlucky boy, im waste my money just for bar,scroll,and deff lll, ty GM for giving me junk goods
  3. Hi dev, lately I've often complained since this birthday event update, why do I often complain? yes of course about drop in DG, I've spent more than 600k gold to buy seeker stam elixir, and until now it still doesn't get a drop, what's this called "all players get the same drop rate" I don't think so, please Do something with it, the pro player will become more pro And player noob like me will disappear from the game, thank you for reading my complaint I hope there is a balance
  4. Hi gm, i want ask, why mcoin shop in my device not working, in my device There is only option to buy 200 mcoin only, I want to buy 2000 mcoin but there is only 200 mcoin option only? Is this a bug or is there an error?
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