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  1. ok i agreed with ur suggestion but here is a other issue skill, when we talk about rogue then there is 1st one thing comes in our mind and it’s stealth. so rogue stealth could atleast better then other classes because before 3 years ago stealth means rogue. but after new classes and expert skills, rogue stealth is seems useless because everyone can detected enemies players and also mostly swamp mobs so. just fix rogue stealth because this only one skill that make famous rogue. but now detected stealth is easy and rogue no more like old days. it’s all about coding so dev just need to add littl
  2. 3-4 years ago People chose Rogue only for his stealth Skill this was a Amazing skill but now Rogue stealth also not amazing anymore. now mostly every char can detected rogue Stealth and after Seeker+ stealth including in guilds + stealth potions this skill is no more intrested rogue. seems like stealth useless, enemies players detected stealth, faild in mobs (mostly swamp mobs detected) and guilds also have skill to Active stealth for whole guild players and stealth potions in market. so rogue is not like old rogue, stealth is now a common skill. only Stealth was rogue speciality but no more.
  3. Hello Devs when i was at lvl 20 i was very happy in game and i lvl up to 21 with my frnds help but my player is not ready for 3ed map, at map 2 we can farm bosses till lvl 20 but after 21 we can’t get any drop from map 2 bosses so please help i want to suggest you to make a potion 🧪 to reduce xp or lvl, those players lvl up but now missing map 2 and not ready for map 3 bosses so they can reduce lvl by your new Potion or pots help, these pots reduce player xp to back. now i feel useless in game but if my lvl back to 20 then i can farm map 2 bosses again i have all lvl 18 equips and poor so plea
  4. Arshi

    Mcoin- Indian

    Hello Developers im from India in game mcoin started from ₹110 but at playstore where we install game it showed In-app Purchases started from ₹55. What is right Please fix it Thanks here screenshoots
  5. Can we restore Our Deleted Char? Even deleted years ago?
  6. Hmm that’s point but i was lost at amp 2 or maybe trying for 3 at map 1 when my lvl was 10 so at starting game this was disappointed otherwise ur Ans satisfied👍🏼 Just if lost chance would Low mostly for new players those at map 1. But in overall if we think deeply your ans is really good and satisfying.👏🏻👏🏻
  7. Because people Agreed happily and take everything as a joke so why they would change system. In short all about unity.
  8. I Really like This game alive from 10 years this is really big thing. Just i wish when we Amp without sign our items broken, backdown is ok but items lost is pain inside and playing motivation going down so please remove items Lost system if without amp. Broken and backdown is enough. Thanks. Please think about this.
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