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  1. come to texas and work for me you would get a cut.. hahaha :tease:
  2. If i wanted to spend my life savings on a game like pvprange does to beve apro" in arena i could to.. Dont say im broke cause i dont want to buy mirical coins 8)
  3. i do kw helm\boots\gloves. got arena body. its working really good for me. :pardon:
  4. lol warlion that smokin hot is my smokin hot.. ;) she my fiance irl.. lol :give_rose: but thank you.
  5. Everyone knows Tylerrogue has got to get in this action lol :tease:
  6. all this post is doing in spreading rumors.. ive been called a hacker by several people and have lost friends.. i dont even have a elf account.. i did for like 2 days to see what their land looked like and then deleted it... that was when i was lvl 14. im level 20 now.. i want my name off this list.. :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
  7. i dont got an elf.. id appriciate it if u took my name off.. thanks.
  8. Lol that pic isnt proof?.. elfs and mc jump people all the time.. its not like you can stop it.. even if you do die it dont take but 1 minute to make it back...
  9. any tips or advice why my account has been blocked? or any on how to unblock it??
  10. Can someone tell me how to unblock my account? i dont even know why it got blocked? Tylerrogue.
  11. i was on someones ignore and he kept asking to go to arena with me but i couldnt respond. it should notify the other player also if they forget\accidently ignore you.
  12. Aigrind wants more money so they messed it up so you would pay for more MC? :wacko: idk?
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