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  1. It is a funny pic but if its not really you its a bit unfair i mean it does say a pic of "you" playing Warspear if this is you tho good one :lol:
  2. Haha thanks no worries about his comment i got 2 different Warspear games going at once thats y the screens arr different haha i have a hdmi hook up that goes to my phone thats how i got it on tv and little brother was playing on his oc :pleasantry:
  3. hahaha the warspear on tv is me the computer is my little brothers guy Tylerrogue! show some love! :drinks:
  4. Hahahaha the sword is kinda blunt u might squish your apple :facepalm:
  5. Living it up and playing my Warspear!!! THANKS TO AIGRIND!! SAPPHIRE WORLD "SAINTT"!!!!
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