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    Well like I said I already have costumes and all kinds of stuff all I need its better weapons haha
  2. Saintt


    And anyone who woudn't be upset about this its using mommy and daddies credit card :spiteful:
  3. Saintt


    What gets me its I do spend money on this game and it its crap that 3000 MC doesn't get me 6 to 7 I wouldn't be so upset if I never put my hard earned money into the game but 3000 MC and nothing from it take 20 bucks and throw it out the window...
  4. Saintt


  5. yea that and pvp is just pointless you get nothing from it atleast a kill count would make it simi fun :unknw:
  6. Where the cool ppl hangout on sapphire world yeaaa... its worth a try haha :drinks:
  7. haha whatever you want to call it i just think it would be nice to be able to hear what elves are saying vice versa
  8. you better bring your big friends hahaha! I love my set u :aggressive:p!
  9. Its just a picture like the guy on the toilet hahah its not like someone is going to see him and sai "hey he was on google kill him!!" Haha but i guess i understand your concern :good:
  10. I also think it would be cool to show how many players we have slane in pvp!
  11. I Think we should be able to talk to enemies whats a good fight without some taunting haha :tease:
  12. Saintt

    Multi :P

    Haha good pic! :clapping:
  13. Saintt

    Hey Warspear

    I thought it was funny haha :fool:
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