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  1. Hey guys, I'm from your server and it says that this skill "STEALING POWER" reduces enemy defense by 50% and increases my auto dmg by 70%. I know is a bug because it doesn't reduces enemies defenses, however, I tested it and I saw that this skill can reduce the enemy dmg by 50% at 4/4 and the time of it is between 8-10 secs. I don't know how much the enemy bosses can resist it but for me is like 50% chance So I tested it and when I get hit by 1000 dmg use it when have 4/4 forti I reduce this dmg at 500 and when I use the new skill it goes down by 250. For me is a good skill for solo quests
  2. Hi everyone, I would love to suggets to every warlock or any player who just loves this Game no matter their favorite faction. My idea is just tu buff 1 skill from this class and I'll add the arguments behind this suggestion. - Wich skill is and why should it be buffed? In the current situation that lives the Game every character has his own roleplay in each stage of the game, there is pve and pvp. Of course there are some characters that are godlike in pvp but a little weak in pve, there are some others characters that are godlike in pve but weak at pvp like wardens but that doesn't mean that they can't do pvp either (I have saw some pvp Wd in the Game and their are pretty good) and there is the character that can handle both, pvp and pve very well. As the game has been evolving we saw how the characters evolved with each update and how their skills works in each moment of their play stile in every character, we saw how LS buff got higher and the new parameter that just ignore the enemy defenses and of course we saw how resistance got bigger on players with their skills that guives 100% resitance, relics or sets that increases their statistics on the resistance parameter and some monsters that have all that. I'm pretty sure that everyone who is reading this knows where I'm going with this. Warlock is a great character, but with the new updates this character is being a little bit weaker and weaker in each update. Why do I say that? Because as I say above, each character has his own roleplay and warlock best place used to be pvp because of all those stuns and silencie that it has. How did a class with so much disabling arsenal become weak? The answer is that in pve this class runs out of mana a lot thanks to all his skills that make warlocks go for every energy regen crystal that they can add. That could it balance the mana issue with the guild buff but not, because of that they need to sacrifice a good parameter for a magic dmg class, this parameter is "penetration" and many of you are going to say that the warlock can solve that problem with his "power of relaxation" skill but not, many of warlocks dmg skills are from a dps, not much AoE dmg meaning that mages can deal more dmg than this class withouth having an skill that buff their dmg. So in that case this class is weaker but they have a good arsenal of disabling skills meaning that in pvp and wars they should be godlike and worth expending some money on them, but not, because his disabling abilities are ignored by the magic immunity and resistance parameter. So that's how you make a class weaker in pvp and pve. There is an skill that allows to any warlock saves their life if their are in trouble, this skill is "stone body" but if they somehow manage to use that skill they will get stunned or silenced or disable by any means, the enemy can resist his disables and this chance is 100% if the enemy has an magic immunity buff, that makes this class a little weaker if their are on their own, they need a partner that can save them if this partner isn't dead yet, that in pvp terms, en pve there's not much to say about because not so many partys take warlocks with them. My suggestion is that "stone body" skill should push the enemy away for 2 or 3 yards when their are close to the character when this ability ends, and should fullfil your mana like his other buff that heals you, the cooldown should be 15 secs so warlocks can use it at pve to and if the warlock is under the "Power of relaxation" buff this skill could do dmg in 1 yard to each direction around the character. The dmg, the pushing and the regeneration of hp and mana as the duration of the skill could increase in each lvl. I say all this because I just loves the game, I don't personally plays as a warlock but I have been playing long enough to see how this class is losing power. If anyone else would like to argument anything is welcome to do it. I would love to read how warlocks, legion side and players who loves this game could say about this suggestion. Btw, I play more in the sentinel side but as I say before I just love the game and I this could bring some balance. Please if anyone who reads this and supports me just share, let everyone know if this is a good idea or not. Thanks to everyone and sry if you see any wrong grammar, English is not my native language, I speak Spanish.
  3. Wow i like this a lot! I will follow it thx and I will keep my wd for farming, I have a pretty strong lvl22 wd but I wanted a dmg class so I can take a good revenge agaisnt those anoying mc
  4. Hi everyone I have a simple question and I hope that someone can answer me Does anyone know how the skill "Punishment" it works and the progress of this skill each lvl? Some friends have told me that this skill works great with your block chance but I don't really trust in that because the skill said that only lower the enemy accuracy so... How it really works? Is it worth to lvlup? Thx for any suggestion
  5. I'm a warden player in the same server where you are but I totally want a seeker and I would like to know wich skill is much better for PvP Can you add a guide for a PvP seeker build or a mixed pvp/pve? My idea is to make a seeker and lvlup him to 20 so I can raom around Ilsernor and get some fun by killing mc then farming a little Also can you tell me if having a spear lvl20 with penetration, accuracy and stun chance is good for a seeker? (Horror spear but without the magic dmg)
  6. The new warden skill should add hp and energy to, warden runs out of mana very quickly and now that his block is not working as it used to be then this new skill can amplify those skills beside the fact that a wd doesn't have a pvp skill and the main reason of that skills is for pvp. After all a wd is not a pvp character like dk and barbs, of course they can survive a lot but now that the block skill is nerfed then they should add that hp and energy increase to be an pvp skill and pve skill. Barb got a new pve and pvp skil and same the dk, a new pve and pvp skill that allows them to be a heavy tank like wd with a low cd. And if someone wants to said that this idea would mean that wd is going to be the tank with most hp in the game that's no real cuz barbarian already is the one with most hp in the game. I just said that this skill should add 2, 4, 6, 8% hp and 1.5, 1.75, 2, 2.5% mana
  7. Hello my friends I have a question to all players that are out there. "Are we goin to have lvl30 one day?"
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