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  1. Any news about tommorow, or just some orientation about how much more this event will last or something about snow event?
  2. Montir


    I understand, thank you for explaining.
  3. Montir


    is it only me or does combat stance give 13% and not 15% damadge? 757dmg without CS, Used CS=857. Have 783 dmg without Cs, Used Cs=884. Thats 13%.
  4. Dont want to be pesimistic, but this update is kinda pointless if u take out all the buffs nerfs and new expert skills and half of them are not that great either. Paladin has been nerfed for god knows what reason i like the new expert skill for it, but it wasnt needed, i think that best would be to give tanking buff to it cuz its not fair that mcs now have 3 tanks cuz of that charmer skill which is soo stupid its not like there are tons of greedy 90k charmer farmers, i think that bds in all nerfs and buffs ultimatley are oper 40% bonus dmg is insane and there are 1.2k dmg bds yeah rush sucks b
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