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  1. What is this? Shadow Sphere doesn't have energy cost but provide energy to the warlock, that means it gonna be nerfed by consuming energy again??
  2. Quitting is impossible with these changes, new graphics looks beautiful , and i hope you guys allow to make new characters in US server because in this moment is impossible, that server in elf side is full
  3. This is garbage, in pvp if someone have bleeding/AoE skill, and u have stun like necro or rogue, those skill will be useless
  4. Lol really bad suggestion, maybe in your head sounds good but is poop.
  5. Hello, my character is onepunch from Eu sever mc side. Today some minutes ago, i trust a player named jcbreff to trade some items from eu to us server. After i gave him the items he scam me. I decide trust him the items because they were low value. No matter the item value scam is scam. I don't know if this will have repecutions to him, but at least i want to aware you in case anyone wanna try any bussines with him.
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