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  1. Listen to me! Before amplification system released, blessing of ranger is balance, but when releasing new feature "amplification" the blessing becomes very very and too powerful, especially they amplify their bow to be very high ++ Look at all additional damage extra of all class Let's compare: 1. BD Small damage extra of hamstring 2. Barb Small DOT of chop 3. druid Small DOT of insect swarm 4. shaman Only 1 big shot damage of earthquake 5. Warlock Small DOT of life leech 6. Necro Small combo of deadly stare in pvp 7. Ranger Same damage blessing like normal damage, WTF!!!! Stupid dev creating rangers too overpowered! BLESSING SHOULD BE DOT (DAMAGE OF TIME) LIKE ANOTHERS SKILL AND SHOULD BE LOWER DAMAGE OF NORMAL. Ex: 350 normal damage, blessing should be 1/4 normal damage at lv1.Please dont make success rate for blessing but make same system DOT like other class. Very hurt looking ranger hitting player just 1 sec. Stupid! Stupid! really stupid ranger! Why life leech skill not give a double damage like ranger??????????????? duck u! Why only ranger have a double damage, never heard chop, hamstring dmg, bee dmg can kill player in a sec, only blessing can do it. Not fair! Not fair.Then u will give stealth for ranger? nice! Nice! Nice! Why not give triple damage skill for ranger??????????
  2. do you ever see that hammer have speed stat? Very unlogic weapon, hammer is HEAVY weapon that it should have low or no speed but high damage, but in warspear that hammer has high speed. Come on dev! I thought you have brain to create logic stats of weapon.
  3. in my opinion, make health leech just for addition skill, so let it staying at lv1 only and use it just for additional skill like chop to slow down enemy, cuz that skill doesn't help much, never raise its level! Cuz enemy still can attack from distance, try using it on melee mob, u will get attacked by mob from distance before the mob touching you. 100% tested. Never raise level that noob skill!
  4. Sh*t topic, still can't compare with indonesian players, indonesian players are more than turkish in warspear ya know.
  5. Eyes droped by blue slime in the cave.
  6. i think warlock would be best helper for lab, because dark circle is better than earthquake, dark circle is very safe which enemy is totally getting stunned with no able to attack and move even with ranged enemy, different with earthquake that it delays the last enemy's attack which after earthquake time over you get attacked.
  7. But remember warlock can die in 1-2 sec too cuz they are wearing clothes with low def and less health. So OP ranger can kill warlock with instant kill, 1 hit a row.
  8. There is latest version that many bugs have been fixed, why are you still using noob version? if you find a bug on your noob version so don't cry cuz you are out of date, go update status on facebook! :D
  9. Are u stupid or not? The current version is 3.0.3 not 3.0.2 :P
  10. Necro is very useful to help shaman by giving extra heal for tanker, especially hunt kabal xD
  11. kyumaru

    bugs v3.0

    Bug found! I saw Paladin when using shield skill can pass guards at Mc caravan, pls check!
  12. There is no BG amulet for mage and warlock at NPC Lenar, that makes unfair to other class. Ranger is DPS class with mid def + around 2.5K HP while mage or warlock with no def + low HP. Why ranger is still OP?
  13. @lucian warlock is shaman without heal, so all skills of warlock are better than shaman i think, this is just for a balance cuz warlock doesn't have pure healing and protection skill like shaman. Maybe fear skill has 2x blind, sound good :) Dark circle makes enemy group totally can't move, can't atk and can't use skill while ranged class can still atk in earthquake of shaman from distance. But remember, warlock is hardest class to use, you need fast internet connection because warlock has two control skills that should be manual casting spell to target, if casting failed, you are dead.
  14. Here i share skill build for warlock at lv20, 1. Arena master: Arrow lv5 Fear lv5 Dark circle lv5 2. Duel master: Arrow lv5 Fear lv5 Life exhaust lv5 3. War master: Arrow lv5 Dark circle lv5 Puddle lv5 Have fun!
  15. Like i said that Devs never give us a surprise for Mclan :(, i already found many inbalances between forsaken n choosen, i'm working as quality control so i have a point to analitic of the game. Ranger shouldn't have same damage of double at lv1 blessing, it should be: ATK: 300 example Lv1: 1/4 damage extra: 300 + 75= 375 dmg acc: 30% Lv2: 1/3 damage extra: 300 + 100=400 dmg acc: 40% Lv3: 1/2 damage extra: 300 + 150=450 dmg acc: 50% Lv4: 3/4 damage extra: 300 + 225=525 dmg acc: 60% Lv5: 1 damge extra: 300 + 300=600 dmg acc: 70%
  16. @gradex yes i hope so, i just want a balance between dark and sun def items, that's all.
  17. @gradex yes lab item is for against lab mobs but imagine if elfs wearing lab items to beat forsaken especially against warlock/necro, will be so much dark damage reduced!
  18. @slay what i said its reality, no fake no junk. Look! Many chosens were already done Berengar Guard cuz too many elfs helping them.
  19. No chance Mc hunting BG, why GM always make elfs overpopulated that make us so sick and really hurt?
  20. @spilz there is no sun def on BG armor of shaman. And BG items are hardest to get while labyrinth items are easier to get.
  21. @legionn, all class got more HP not only barbar
  22. they improving the mega blessing skill.
  23. Too many elfs that make us sick and hurt :(
  24. @nebullexus GM never change quest on Mc side, they wanna keep it harder, so many people moving to elf side and the result is elfs overpopulated because of easier quests.
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