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  1. Oh bad, i just know that many of these providers were not active anymore or service suspended, cuz many complains about the SMS fraud, stealing mobile credit, and unconfirmed subcribtion, it seems that all indonesia's provider of telecomunications disabled all premium SMS numbers from 3rd company, too bad
  2. Here i'd like to suggest Kuzmitch to find out more SMS providers that might be as your partner: Dada.net Sender: 9400 CS: 021-27924179 Unknown Sender: 9788 CS: 021-31908070 IguanaSMS Sender: 7337 CS: 021-5680605 e-mail: [email protected] Lada2.com Sender: 9898/9090 Info: http://lada2.com/rυn/m=game/c=info id.funmobile.com sender: 9779 CS: 021-52921351 E-mail: [email protected] Wapindo Sender: 7575, 9889 and many more...
  3. lv16 - lv20 = +100 heal regen (default)??? LOL with [chased ring of abyss]x2 got extra 40 regen + some crystals, so all melee will be like paladin :D
  4. Blessing should follow the original damage of the weapon, not with amplified damage. Ex: Bow: 195 damage Amplified bow: 295 damage the blessing should be: 195, 195, instead 295 normal damage... Cuz without amplified the blessing is too strong enough, cuz all class has normal HP around 2000, cant make more HP till 5000, in addition ranger can deal 2000 damage in a row (blessing+normal dmg+crit+strong shot)
  5. LOL in EU MC, 1 barbar + 4 shamans going to laby xD... Seems rogue useless
  6. Kuz, do you have any idea to make balance between faction? I think that you have all data of statistics, in my predict is Firstborn got more huge players 80%, it seems like 1:20. More people more power. Please think about it, thx
  7. So developers should change system to make balance for population, please change your mind dev, it's hard to play and always got killed cuz of unbalanced population
  8. Yes i agree, better remove blind and make 1 KM of scatters, u satisfied?
  9. Yes i agree, Remove stealth, remove charge, reduce blind timing, new triple blessing, multi hamstring, 10 minutes root, make BG place near 1 meter from camp riff, make garr shag lake and sea in cave behind of camp riff town, and no mountain clan alive, thats balanced, ty.
  10. Why do elfs always always and always rule Berengar Guard hunt? No chance for MC hunt there, if meeting them, always start a war and MClan lost lost and lost. I hope on RU server has same problem, amiiin.
  11. Turn off the sound, problem solved.
  12. Crossbow has magic attack like sun and astral, so its possible to be used by forsaken and chosen like necro and priest, they are able to change range wpn (staff) to crossbow xD
  13. Snorlax, this is unfair, i saw many blocked players that now getting unblocked and can play again, they even told me when they got blocked, like supersaiya, ryujin, icemanxx, patahhati, and many more, but my friends like ryuken, kingerrs till now still getting blocked
  14. kyumaru

    Quiet mode

    Yes, my problem was resolved, xD
  15. Yea, Devs should know about providers which working for SMS payment in every country, like in indonesia has many providers but when SMS payment working in my country, only Telkomsel and XL provider can buy Mcoin, instead of them, there are many providers like Indosat, Axis, Three, but can't buy Mcoin just steal money.
  16. How hurt my heart till now i can't send/reply any messages to my friends :(,
  17. Thanks for support @shyleen, i hope i can chat again, and i promise won't talk or complain about critical of ranger bug anymore.
  18. i have relogged many times but still got quiet mode :(, i have sent support but no reply yet. It really hurt all my char can't chat, PM, trade and some actions. I got quiet mode when my low level char was talking about ranger in trade chat in RU server then maybe some Moderator has blocked me to chat, now all my char in my acccount can't do anything accept only standing in town, i need your support, friends, help me.... :'(
  19. kyumaru

    Quiet mode

    Dear friends, When i was talking about ranger critical bug in trade chat, now i got quiet mode, can't send any messages, PM, trade, party chat and others actions, its like i got banned. Now i just can enter the game and just standing, can't do anything, many PMs from friends, so sorry i can't reply cuz that problem, too bad, how long is this punishment for me? I have many friends in game, can't interact it makes hurt. Should i leave you all? :(
  20. I can't send messages, trade, PM, and other actions in quiet mode, its like i got banned :(. Many PM from my friends but i can't reply them, too bad, should i quit the game now? I totally can't interact with others. Help me! If its my fault that i always complain in trade chat like spamming, please forgive me! How long is this punishment? it takes forever? I got quiet mode is like i can't do anything in game, just standing and crying alone :(
  21. Yeah i took that screenshot and upload it to some gamer forum/blogs
  22. Hey Kuzmitch! i'll not stop crying about this update! Tell me, ranger's critical is bug or not? Please explain! * why is barbar reduced skill damage? * why is ranger increase critical damage? Yes, im as shaman is OP but my rogue now is very weak against all ranged class, not only rogue, BD has same poor as melee. In elf side, only BDs are crying, druid and rangers like nightmare. In Mc side, only shaman is OP, anothers are poor. Im as a shaman sadly concerned looking my mates rogue and barbar so weak now.
  23. duck u noob! Ranger is already overpowered with double damage of blessing, now ranger increased their critical damage that makes this game is unplayable for melee, before yeah ranger can kill any class with 1 sec, now with 0,05 sec, super instant kill! GM should double fix for ranger, blessing and critical bug!!!! Shut down this server now!
  24. http://warspear-online.com/en/download
  25. Yes @jay cuz i also have rogue char :(
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