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  1. I like the idea but I think it's better to explain how it works. I believe that the ability is better in the following way: by activating the ability, select a given area 5x5 sumnon a red smoke that will heal every second to the allies in it (they no longer eliminate the following positives of the enemies, either will delete the negative efects in alies ) CD = 30 seconds 1/4 duration 4 seconds, will heal 15% of the necromancer's magic damage 2/4 duration 6 seconds, will heal 30% of the necromancer's magic damage 3/4 duration 8 seconds, heals 45% of the necromancer's magic damage 4/4 duration 10 seconds, will heal 60% of the necromancer's magic damage In this way a necromancer with 600dmg of magic damage at 4/4 would heal 360hp per poop hit, it is little but it can cure critically so it would work well I think that curators need passive skills or constant mana use skills but I really like this xD
  2. * Ocurre siempre, sin importar el lag * ocurre siempre que el personaje este parado le lado * ocurre en todos los peinados de todos los jugadores exceptuando los 4 peinados default * Mi dispositivo usa android 8.1.0 * El modelo de mis dispositivo es SM-G610M * Y juego en la versión de ws 8.0.0 También quería comentar que en mi dispositivo el ws tiene mucho mas zoom de lo normal, mientras que cuando he probado las versiones beta el zoom se normaliza, no se si es un error o porque pasa eso.
  3. Buenas En mi dispositivo y no se en cuantos mas esta ocurriendo un bug que hace que desaparezca el peinado y el personaje se vea calvo, esto ocurre cuando el personaje camina hacia un lado mientras usa un peinado diferente de los 4 peinados default.
  4. He notado lo difícil que es curarte a ti mismo o a tus aliados, poner escudos y dar bufs cuando hay muchos monstruos y jugadores en pantalla por lo cual se me ocurrió la siguiente idea, que en se puedan usar habilidades tocando en nombre de un miembro del o el de nuestro personaje para poder utilizarlas habilidades de una forma mas limpia. Espero darme a entender y que les guste esta sugerencia 😄
  5. . Good! I have a series of suggestions which I am sure will make a very positive change in the game and I would love to take them into account and implement them in the future. I've noticed how tedious it is to use the skills when there are a lot of monsters and players, and I think the perfect solution for that problem is the following, for example when using the necromancer's basic healing skill instead of having to select a target between the bunch of monsters and players, instead we can select the name above the health bar of our character to use the ability in us or if we want to use an ally to touch the left side where the names and life bars of the characters appear group members. I will leave the other suggestions for later, I hope they implement it since I have commented to several players and those also believe that it would be a very positive change for the game. Thanks
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