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  1. It sounds like the windows Store users are having the same problem as the App Store users. I sincerely doubt that the problem is the fault of both Microsoft AND Apple. It also sounds like this has happened with previous updates. I don’t see this happening with other games I play. We can’t get access to the game and we’re frustrated. We are coming here to voice this frustration. We’re here to vent. I get more frustrated when I hear someone defend the devs when their product is broken. What I do think is helpful to hear is... Yes, this stinks, I can’t get on either. I hope this gets fixed soon.
  2. This law in Europe should not be a surprise to the developers. The App Store wait time should not be a surprise to the developers. You posted your update too late to get it approved in time for the law change. It’s not like the App Store suddenly is taking longer. Please dont do this again. Thanks in advance
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