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  1. @Higgings@ReivenorikHi Administrators ,im US player,nice to meet you.

      What i want to say is that our chinese never do anything that against game rule and policy.we used more money time and effort in game, why we cant get top rank in arena  ?

      And some members from HUYENTHOAI guild wanna report us ,bcz before this season, they had controlled arena rank for a long long time, all players in us  know about it.they stall everyone  especially chinese when we were playing in arena for ap , bcz they have best arena suits ,we cant beat them, so we only use this way for against them ,we wont admit defeat  forever ,bcz they dont respect chinese player and we are chinese. 

      at last, we never do anything that against game rule and policy, we just use more money time and effort in game for against who dont respect chinese. thats all.

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