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  1. why always if new update than next day always mainstr.
  2. i symbian user too.i cn log that is np bu i cnt go tower,swamp and new island,bcz than crash.That is shit. r0land say me why! that have many symbian user
  3. if i go to swamp,tower and new island than i log out .what is that ? (symbian)
  4. :facepalm: :'( :facepalm: ,i have symbian, i cn play but i cnt go to swamp,tower and new island than ws crash. what ist that ? help fast pls
  5. kuzmitch,snorlax,rOland help symbian player. Come on guys
  6. aigrind ,now nt more funny. Why cnt play with symbian? Many ws gamer play with symbian! That is nt fair.help us pls
  7. we (symbian) gamer want playing. Gm help us fast
  8. we ( symbian ) gamer want play,help fast gm
  9. i download,install, i see aigrind logo and than out (symbian)
  10. :yahoo: :drinks: :yahoo: HAPPY HELLOWEEN
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