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  1. So, to tell the “admin”, you guys should prepare for the iOS players, this is so unfair, the tournament & unique skill books event is going, what is good for iOS users? you took away our play time that having less chance to go dungeons and less chance to get drops than other players. Please dont blame Apple service, it is well-known of slow processing, and more strict than Android, yes. But i think the game company also should have expected of working with Apple... yet the game company never mentioned or reminded about any of this issue with iOS players!! i only noticed and heard from othe
  2. Hello, i am a user of iOS 11 and 10.3.3, but i still cannot login the game since 5 hours ago. i just wonder how long should i wait for this new “agreed policy” version of the game app from the Apple App store? because in CET time zone, its alreay 25th of May, 2018 today. This is the great disadvantage of the iOS users, i hope this could be sorted out very soon, i feel so much uncomfortable. Thanks in advance.
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