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  1. Hello! New Bladedancer here, as I come close to lvl 18 I am thinking about expert skills. I am more of a pve player, (solo etc), I don't really care about pvp, maybe that later. Anyways, I was just wondering what the best pve expert skill(s) are for bd, and what lvl would you recommend to level them to. I was thinking for shield, but i'm not sure how helpful that would be. Any responses would be hugely appreciated, and i'd more prefer an answer from somebody who actually knows what they are talking about. Thanks Edit: Im not even sure if this is even in the right part of the forum xd
  2. Futsters


    Decent idea, however would be better to buy more just as a cosmetic more than something that gives you a competitive advantage where you HAVE to spend mcoins/ tons of gold for it.
  3. Hi all, I was just wondering what are the best items to resell in terms of value/profit? I am NOT talking about mcoin store, just the normal dealer marketplace in general. I want to be making decent money in the long run, although I have no idea on what to actually sell, because prices always fluctuate and people are always bargaining and never buying what i list on the marketplace, So I would love to hear some tips from the pros of reselling (if you may). Thank you for any responses
  4. I may be wrong, but isn't this against the rules? Maybe thats why
  5. Nah hunter already has high godlike DMG, it really doesn't need anymore
  6. wlock is good for pvp in certain situations imo
  7. Most classes are OP in their own way, just need to find the right balance in terms of statistics and playstyle and such
  8. charmers. nobody else.
  9. Maybe there isn't enough memory/space on your device, or maybe the devs just haven't released it yet, like IOS.
  10. Futsters

    im new🤭

    Welp, hullo and welcome back
  11. Lmao, the name makes sense now. Thank you all, gonna grab this costume right now
  12. Hi everyone! Does anyone know how I can acquire the outfit,"Steam Gentleman?". I see many players nowadays wearing this costume, and upon checking the mcoin store AND the marketplace there is none of this outfit, so I was just wondering if i get it for the completion of a certain achievement, or if you can get it as an Easter egg, but I may be wrong. Please could someone verify how I could go for getting this costume? Thanks in advance
  13. they're all fairly defensive, however if you want to do pve (player vs environment) go pala or druid, they help for solo too sometimes. I know there are a lot of new players who go bd, so if you are new, go bd as it has a good mix of dmg and def. levelling up, use xp pot from mcoin store. However, if you are a f2p player its still fine to lvl without pot. warden is also probably the best tank, so imo i would go warden, but i cant give a solid build on it because i've never tried it myself, but im sure someone else would be happy to help with that. Happy Questing!
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