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  1. nerf elfs nerf elfs nerf elfs! i see.. elfs should just stay quiet and listen to this guy talking abt seekers being op in pvp,
  2. i think cheiftain has the highest aoe dmg in the game, giving it aoe silence? hmm.. maybe just give the cheif a dmg reduction buff at the end of teleport, similar to Bd rush skill talent.
  3. its so funny that there was no form of rebalance in this update (except for the globe), just some mini talents which will slightly change stuff, so my dear guy why would you cry!
  4. Entangling Roots Cooldown time is increased: from 13 sec, to 16 sec. Forest Song Chance of activation the effect is increased: from 40 \ 50 \ 60 \ 70 %, to 100 %. Skill duration is reduced: from 4,4 \ 5,6 \ 6,8 \ 8 sec, to 3,4 \ 4,6 \ 5,8 \ 7 sec. Cooldown duration is corrected: from 18 sec. to 25 sec. Secret Link "Penetration" parameter gain is increased: from 6 \ 8 \ 10 \ 12 %, to 10 \ 14 \ 16 \ 18 %. Invigorating Stream The amount of restored health at the 4th skill level from the magical strength is reduced: from 80%, to 65%. Patronage of the Forest The time between the activation of the effect is increased: from 6 seconds to 8 seconds. No they cant, that was before the rebalance, now it needs 3 skills and High skills cooldown, the minions do equal dmg to the druids auto attack, so 400-550 per hit on decent arena players, also they can barely summon 2 minions at once, and u can simply kill it cuz its not tanky like charmer ones, as for the healing, 15% nerf to basic heal, and the patronage heals 2k when Hp reaches 0, and it works only after another 8 sec, thats enuf time to kill a druid under 45% hp, anymore questions? So ur idea about being a good dev is discouraging people to discuss about the game content and leave the community without a clue about whats going on with a game? so far all ive seen from u is "booo elfs cry about relic that makes a class op boo" yeah i bet you have better ideas
  5. Well i see so many people who say druids deserve a nerf, but they dont actually address what has to be nerfed. lets start with that maybe? keep in mind the class is all useless aside of the arena and 1v1s.
  6. Yeah immortal class. 100% doesn't die to cheifs rogues and rangers, even tho patronage gets nerfed and works every 8 sec now, its too hard to kill druid that has 45% hp in 8 seconds. What are u a necro? Priest? Warden?
  7. not sure why u even compare cheif skills to hunter/seeker, those are totally different classes than chief, they dont have mass aoe skills.
  8. It was fixed for classes with summons: "Druid, Charmer, Templar, Necromancer"
  9. Jaja the topic is made about a relic, and the guys from Mc wanna turn it into raid crap, this is not the game world chat, useless off topics
  10. Nice all classes have a skill that summons 3 mobs that have permanent crit. Thank you genius ur so helpful lmao
  11. That is because these relics have the same impact on every class genius! While the rage one turns a tank into something that outdmges other dps classes! Is this simple enough?
  12. The topic is about a relic that overpowers charmer, not about nerfing it. Put some glasses on i heard they help
  13. The suggestion was given already, that is by givin the permanent crits to the dogs summoned After the rage, the class obtains insane value from this relic. As a class with 1handed weapon its kinda dum
  14. All that dmg and yet charmers get to out dmg it, clearly the rage relic needs a fix
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