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    Ele estava conversando normal, e você xinga...¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. It's because the developers are not having free time now, totally busy with Christmas, so I do not believe functions like this that will not improve in the game arrive now.
  3. Good idea, a not very important but interesting function
  4. On the BR-Toumaline server we receive very well the speakers of Spanish, you will be welcome
  5. I want to see snow covering my character.
  6. There is a topic in the Portuguese forum where you have details about guild levels. Not very updated only has up to lvl 10. look here
  7. Mrkhalifa

    Rune Bonuses

    No, remove manually is not possible, just adding another in place the old one is replace
  8. I was full of ideas for topics, I was not able to participate in this contest. I look forward to the next one.
  9. So that was a bug ?! , I always thought it was something normal
  10. Already accessed the Map on the site? Maybe have an answer there and what to drop in the spiders.
  11. I have seen many paladins going PvP arena, and I confess, I already died for many hahaha. The ability of the Flag that deals damage in the area works a lot. It is up to you to choose between PvP or PvE. I advise you to search for video on YouTube or topics here in the forum that will help you
  12. The offers are "random" I do not think it will last 2 weeks, it is better to wait for an offer and enjoy it all.
  13. The event is certainly coming to an end, so far I have not even seen a big event. Will there be any? It has forecast?
  14. Estou admirado com o que a guilda Hell está fazendo no servidor, é realmente algo inovador, os MC a muitos anos estavam desmotivados a participar das Capturas de Território e sempre perdiam más vocês estão trazendo de volta a essência da guerra. Parabéns a todos envolvidos! Se todos seguissem a ideia e a organização, seria um servidor mais unido...
  15. Souvenir é um mercado de lembranças, tem o mesmo significado , logo não está errado🙂
  16. Pena que não funciona mais, faz 2 meses que não aparecem ofertas, depois da mudança da GDPR.
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