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  1. So, in short, nerf ranger, nerf seeker, nerf paladin, nerf mages, nerf bladedancers,.. And buff mcs... I mean... Buff shamans Because that's your main character if I'm not wrong. And all for pvp issues
  2. Unfortunately the paladin still needs a good defensive skill, ( I'm aware of the sacred shield, but c'mon.. We literally depend only on that damn shield lmao) light defense and inner forces are very useful against mosquito bites. Resist 20% against their insane damage 😂 I also think that the paladin need at least an aoe based on physical damage (maybe making harad call as physical dmg) Not to mention the sun seal, it only exists for the combo with repellent strike nothing more, even its main effect (heal by life stealing ) is rubbish, xd. It's not like it's get better by adding skill points to it
  3. Guess what, still need a rework xd they adjust a little the hp needed (6% hp at max 4/4) to ad 3% of dmg reduction per level (2% in pvp) .. So it's still a waste of skill points bcuz, the fact that you have to lose a lot of hp to add a little damage reduction is not very proper for a character who needs to resist a lot of damage. I mean.. imagine taking a single powerful blow It will leave you very vulnerable.. And, if you are being healed that dmg reduction never works This concept of gaining attributes by losing health points doesn't really seem very useful to me. It didn't work with the seeker either
  4. The idea is good, but 5% hp every 5 sec is too much. Maybe if lose a percentage of his health ( uhm 20% +5% on each level) at least until the minion disappears. Personally, I feel that the paladin is still very weak in terms of defense, even though it has shield, light defense, and inner forces, I guess to be a tank that is respected it needs, Support of stats such as, parry, dodge and block, the problem is that to have these acceptable stats other attributes are lost, in addition to the fact that they work very rarely, (maybe only block works) I suggest, that at least to have support from the parry, (like the bd that has a skill that increases the parry and the only one that uses parry as advantage) With some defensive effect such as reducing the next autoattack every time parry works. Or something like that. It would work very well when tanking several enemies as in technopolis
  5. Wear pvp gear doesn't mean that u cant take dmg from pve players. Resilence only decrease the incoming dmg a bit, and decrease the chance to receive critical dmg. Apparently your hatred towards seekers, is for the fact that they use attack speed to their advantage. They have even been nerfed, less attack strenght, less critical damage, less penetration, and possibly in the future its attack speed What is the only thing that makes the seeker Functional class, will also be reduced. Not everything revolves around the pvp dude.. I wouldn't be surprised if you also complained about pve
  6. So, you want.. 1: be able to see them under stealth 2: break their shields like breaking glass 3:silence them by using thrashing 4: fight against 2 or more seekers easily and kill them
  7. For war purposes Yep i take the idea from barbarian skill Also for war/gvg purposes Even for me is insane lol What I was thinking about... If I had to readjust it would be like: 15%/20%/25%/30% for 7/8/9/10 seconds For pvp purposes
  8. This is actually pretty good, only with exa animation, bcuz solar power is just like mage's sun armor, And it doesn't look like a walking disco ball 😂
  9. Thats why chieftain have skills like "rugged hide" and "wolf pack"... Do not leave all the work to the armor just bcuz u have a lot of resi.... Seekers are easy to counter if you Play smart.
  10. Curse of the plague (rework) : The chieftain summons a rat dealing DoT 15%/20%/25%/30% of the highest dmg of the character and slowing the enemy's movement by 30%/40%/50%/60% (AoE skill 3x3) 2nd rework (AoE skill 3x3) The chieftain summons a rat that runs over the enemy, then it explodes dealing 30%/35%/40%/45% of magical dmg and applying stun for 2.5 seconds, if the enemy resist the stun, it creates a poison field decreasing the attack speed by 30%/40%/50%/60% Skill idea : Name: vengeance strike The chieftain receive the buff "Reprisal" increasing the parry stat by 7%/8%/9%/10% for 10 seconds If the chieftain receives any control debuff (stun, root, fear,) under the effect of "reprisal" The attacker receives 40%/45%/50%/55% of physical dmg 2nd idea: Name: weakness A strike that deals 25%/30%/35%/40% of magic dmg and applies the debuff "weakness" for 4/5/6/7 seconds This debuff decrease the Effectiveness of the skills of the enemy by 50% (heals, control skills, shields, will work of 50% Of its capacity) 3rd skill idea: (AoE 5x5) Name: war fury A war cry that decrease dmg and armor by 10%/15%/20%/25% also have the chance to apply "fear" by 30%/40%/50%/60%
  11. Again... I'm not interested in pvp. Apparently everyone completely forgot that the pve exists, each update is only for pvp matters.... I'm sure that most of the skills of all the characters have lost effectiveness only because of people who complain about pvp. Now... if we talk about pvp... Each character has at least one annoying skill.. (Or if you are someone who hates "x" character, you will find all their skills annoying) According to me, these are the ones I consider annoying in pvp (Some) Paladin > sacred shield Druid > 100% chance forest song Bd > spirit of resistance (idk if this skill duration is too long, or his resistance buffs activate too quickly) Ranger > Rain of arrows (Not avoidable) Rogue > kick in the back ( with dodge and reflex working together basically avoid every attack *cof* ultra instinct *cof* Warlock - Has a skill that completely blocks the use of skills in aoe (I don't remember the name) Mage > ethereal shield Hunter > right now, the poison skill (exaggerated dmg for a DOT skill) Barbarian > stone skin (Imagine that it needs only one blow to beat him and it recovers a stoneskin buff, or in the worst case blocks your attack) Chieftain - rugged hide (a 10 sec stone skin but x2 better) Anyway, returning to the topic.. I think that paladins should be more tanky, the only skill with the potential to make more tanky the paladins (inner force) It is too weak to purpose, of course, it was adjusted prioritizing the pvp as always....
  12. It is a mistake to assume that all paladin are +10, with mermen set. And as for the parry and the block... well, the paladin is the tank of humans, the only tank that if you are not +10, with set mermen + books, you are nothing more than banner and shield, like almost 70% of the paladins in all servers So, I only ask that it be more tanky, without depending 100% on the magic damage. Oh, and I'm talking to the whole pve in general, I don't care about the pvp (which is the reason why paladins get nerfed in every update, now is a mess in pve) Why is it all about pvp?
  13. I've noticed that physical damage paladins have a lot of potential, but some skills don't help much or are very loose. So I have some suggestions Iight defense : increase defense by 15%/20%/30%/40% and increases character damage by 7%/12%/16%/20% for 15 seconds Cooldown 30 sec Harads call : Now the skill damage is equivalent to the character's greatest damage, whether physical or magical. Light aura : now adds 10% critical chance on the character Inner force: adds 3%/6%/9%/12% of block if using a shield and 7%/10%/12%/16% of parry if use a 2h weapon, also every blocked/parried attack decrease the next incoming damage by 20%/25%/30%/35% Sun seal: Now each attack heals 20%/25%/30%/35% of the damage done What do you think
  14. Fixed: remove 1 enemy buff and adds a debuff "mana burn" to the enemy , this debuff increase the mana cost of skills by 15%, also every attack against a enemy with this debuff recovers mana by 5%. Duration: 10 seconds Mana cost: 0 Completely rework bcuz this skill really svcks xd: Warrior's banner: the chieftain places a banner that Reduces enemy damage by 15%/20%/25%/30% and increase the cooldown time of skills by 25%/30%/35/40% (5x5 area) Type : active Duration: 10 seconds Cooldown : 30 seconds Mana cost: 20 My idea: Strong impact: the chieftain Creates a shock wave Causing damage and adding the earthquake effect, the enemy cant move or applying skills by 2/3/4/5 seconds Damage: 40%/50%/60%/70% of player physical damage Mana cost: 25 Cooldown: 20 seconds Area: 3x3
  15. They should remove the stun from "harads call" and add it to the "sun seal" Then remove the healing effect because it is useless, and that works with physical damage. Dmg and stun time increased per level (2.5 stun base + 0.5 per level) So it will make sense to use points is this skill, and legion gonna stop complain because "insane" aoe stun.
  16. This will drive the seeker's haters crazy. Daggers seem to be enough
  17. Good points -banner now deal the same dmg on all mobs - light aura have good looking animation -can self cast his shield - inner forces now work a bit faster Bad points -Banner is ridiculously weak - light aura now mess up the energy reg For nothing but just the same effect (no buff, no effect added) -Again the shield works alone, without support from other skills -inner forces still reduce only 2 - 3% You will never notice any reduction in the damage you receive
  18. I play in Eu emerald, and apparently here is no problem with that.. I have seen that the barbarians of this server easily destroy templars before they apply aoe stun, and wlocks help them. It's like fighting a wlock, if you have experience with them, you know how to evade aoe stuns The only thing I agree on is that with the use of mantra, it continues to capture seal.
  19. I had high expectations with "inner force" But, as usual, I always end up disappointed. The current idea is good, but its dmg reduction is hmmm.... I could say that a cardboard box protects better. As for "light defense, I expected some other defensive effect added... it only increases the defense a little And thats all... No reason to spend points on this. with "light aura" hmm I think so that they have added this reg energy function, At least they would have added something else, because let's go... It cannot be that they have touched it and that in the end it has the same effect. With "sun seal" I didn't feel any relevant changes. So.... No need to use book of oblivion in this update... Again... The same build I've had for years apparently will still working
  20. But.. Abusing a skill, (skill that works perfectly, no bugs etc) It doesn't go against the rules or is it? XD It depends on whether the player knows how to use it to annoy Like charmers when they were newly added Summon dogs, stun, run away, stun, summon more dogs n birds, stun. In fact each class has its own way of annoying others, I guess it's normal.
  21. Everything for the same buff Because they didn't add anything else
  22. Anyway, I doubt they're going to reverse this. You make it look like a big loss when it's not. In case you are new, it is better to get used to this type of changes. Eventually it will stop being shocking to you. Take it easy
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