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  1. Honestly, healers are very little used lately, but they are used for their healing not for their dmg, also if you want more dmg and little heal, you should play wlock instead, no offense
  2. Agree, that bleeding only works for defeat, nothing more And its dmg is uhmm, pathetic for low dmg players
  3. 1:¿¿¿¿????? We're talking abt palas why u mention seekers?? xd 2: c'mon, magic palas cant one combo kill, phy maybe yes 3: palas are easy kill, and yes heals a lot, i dont discuss that, just put logic on that, dont jump to complain without argument more than the typical "elfspear" vibes, like every "one side" player here.... Yes i play both sides, i dont care of buff/nerfs
  4. Paladin high heal with high cd Priest/necros has pretty low cd on heal skills obviously, While paladin heal skill is in cooldown, you can heal x3 times. You are comparing a healer with a tank-support, Which is not very smart, the "support" part is not there for simple luxury. In any case, the "tank" part is the one that stands out the least.
  5. Skill: "shield strike can stun, and deal phy dmg, but a shield is obviously necessary" Player: understandable *proceeds to cast with a 2h sword*
  6. As elfs are more popular, they immediately become omnipotent to them, it is easier to ignore the fact that it is possible to counteract the skill, and directly ask for nerf.
  7. I don't think all seekers are full book, but I understand
  8. Ok, devs decide to hear you and nerf every "elf"... But, what if players keep liking sentinels?, what if they doesn't come back to legion side?.. What you suggest? Keep nerfing elf?!? You should advertise the legion then.... lmao, as well as warspear should advertise to attract more players....
  9. Yes, i like it Yes, But I think it should work like the paladin, beyond level 4 of the skill I like it, but I do not know why it needs strength, even with a lot of speed the chieft is very slow, besides that his way of working is spamming skills, more than auto-attacks I guess it's fair, removing many more effects would be annoying I really can't imagine any buff for this skill, maybe a little more time in the positive effects after accumulating x3 stack Uhmm, I would have preferred something else xd Good Uhmm... good.. Maybe xd
  10. That's what I thought, but then remember that there are people who gets anxiety if they see that the bd gets something decent.... Or in general speaking that the elfs get some buff Sonic blow should be fixed, lower a bit the 1st dmg and increase dmg on adjacent targets, maybe - 30% and increace aoe dmg for 50%, A sweep that does real dmg to those in front of bds
  11. Change basic aggro to for example: - A skill that increase critical hit chance + pene And remove aggro and stun from rush and add aoe dmg + decreasing dmg, or aoe dmg + decrease attack speed Not too much dmg maybe 40/45/50/55% and reduce its cooldown , so they can use in dgs like techno or idk Because let's face it, the bd only works for pvp and to damage the final boss in dungeons I imagine, that some will not like the idea even if it is not something so exaggerated
  12. I saw a rogue on eu emerald with 2.2k dmg base, without stealth skill... He has that amount of damage all the time, or he probably have thousands of dmg scrolls idk, Now imagine him using some variation of Exacerbation + speed Damn boi
  13. Dodge is not useless, just no one use it bcuz vamp runes. You have a great obsession against seekers, Well... I also play seeker, and From experience I can tell you that... - a weakness for seekers are the stuns/cc skills, you stun them first you have a great advantage... a seeker need stay on lvl 12 guild + disappearance talent + attraction talent, to luckily counter that -im pretty sure that nobody waste points on inner rage, ppl just buy it bcuz talent (dmg reduction) so, yea its a 55% less dmg against the character and 10% of increased dmg (I haven't learned that talent yet) -the shield, yes, is useful against mobs...in pvp.. Uhm, only if you have learned the inner rage talent, the shield works greatly in pvp, if you're poor like me thats useful instead of amping to +10 your gear/ weapons. i saw u suggested a dmg % reduction instead of a shield, as a chieftain user, that would be good but not better, that shield can be destroyed/cancelled easily, so i can nuke them while shield is on cd,, % reduction together with inner rage talent, should be worst bcuz is just like the 80% reduction that reaper has on his experts (maybe more than the reaper) -no, a single hit on pvp does not recover full hp (vamp), thats ridiculous. In pve, a powerful single hit recovers a lot of hp -no, a pve seeker can't kill a pvp character, you need at least: war buff + castle buffs + dmg scroll + dmg pot + steroids, to kill a pvp dk/barb/warden, or even other light armor users, against cloth users is 60/100 and thats bcuz casters arent supposed to fight 1v1 against a high dmg class, and cloth users are not characterized by having a good defense against melee. I Personally sucks fighting against casters - No, we all have not books to abuse of low hp. We all have not mm gear +10, mostly seekers relies on their dmg, so their defense is a crap... Maybe 10% of seekers in eu server have everything mentioned before -yes, a seeker can outdmg a rogue, And that doesn't mean that the rogue is garbage, is not a competition Finally, Yes.. Inner rage talent is a bit stronger, But consider that seeker lose half of what he heal by vampirism, and of the healing he receives, and 80% of the full health, It's a pretty heavy Punishment for 55% reduction and a bit more dmg. (personally I consider the attraction talent more useful)
  14. Literally Both can "perma" stun, There is no point in complaining. nobody waste points on attraction even if it has silence, so its like 10% of working, It's as if you put a relic of fear in 'kick in the back' and count it as cc skill Now, almost all seeker skills are terrible , only speed makes a seeker a "godlike" If what you want is to destroy the seeker Usefulness, easy..... nerf the attack speed.... , but I guess it would also affect the legion characters who also use attack speed, and to vary, blame the elfs for this Literally that chief skill did what a x3 today chieftains/mages do, But since it belongs to the legion and also one of your characters, who tf cares!! No? 😂
  15. I think it would be much better if it were like the "help clans" of the chieftain Every 3 skill used, accumulate 1, (3 max) In demon form, clean all debuffs and accumulate 3 instantly Also demon form should be updated, and decrease incoming dmg at least 10%/15%/20%/25%/30% Or maybe it's very op idk...
  16. I also hate that phrase, and it's not like they made it easy for you lol
  17. There is no better tank, dps, aoe "stunner" in the game. It all depends on how you build the character, None of them starts out being the best in their role, Now, everyone with mm gear obviously will do its role x10 times better, There is no doubt about that. I don't want to sound very rude, but you just complain about how bad your class is, when it's not true. If you think it's so bad, why are you still playing it?
  18. If your balance It's about only on nerfing elfs and buffing mc, keep looking for it dude. You contradict yourself
  19. I also played on both sides, but Apparently, more than balance, they want everything to be the same, exact copies on both sides. Imagine using "you are elf" "you only play on elf side" "elfspear" in a derogatory way, for not agreeing with them They like to assume wrongly, And if we assume that they are new players? Xd
  20. To say that they are first in the sight of new players, is the literally the stupidest reason to complain about the game.
  21. Lets imagine, the gm decide to give a skill that deals the same periodic dmg to both sides, To elfs: a buff bcuz they 're stronger and they' re a lot and blah blah To mcs: a nerf bcuz we're low ppl and bcuz its a shitty skill and nobody gonna use that and blah blah You understand now? Everything is nerf for mc, despite being the same, And this is not the game's fault that new players choose elf over mc. I remember someone saying it's because "the elf faction appears first when creating a character" lmfaooo The solution is not nerfing/ buffing X side. Tell me, how would you solve this?
  22. I've played 8 almost 9 years.... And it is a lie, There is no superiority in the sentinels, I do not know which server you play Or how long you've played, but at least in EU emerald, unfortunately only one guild dominates over all (includes sentinel guilds) And it wasn't always like that, previously mc guild dominated , And it has nothing to do with the supposed balance, or "because the sentinels have everything better" Right now the legion could dominate the entire server without problems. nobody does anything to change it, the same elf guild has a mc guild... and this is why always wars is win/lose, Just enjoy the game dude
  23. Lab chests should drop bars also. War rewards should give also cc, and make a npc merchant that only appear during wars, so we can spend cc on rare gears/weapons/costumes/skins, Norlant should give better stuff bcuz when you are going to choose a "random reward" Mysteriously always choose the least useful doesn't matter what number you choose from 1 to 5 xD
  24. They're supposed to play on legion forever? Nor is it an exchange, do not expect that for every legion player who leaves, someone from the opposite faction will enter. Attributing the lack of players in X faction to the game itself is stupid. And yes, there are servers where the legion prevails, when According to you sentinels are supposed to be the gods of the game. How do you explain that?. Now, in eu emerald, unfortunately there is only one guild that dominates over the others, if they decide that they want legion/sentinels to win the war, they will do it without problems. And nobody prevents them, because nobody does anything, and everyone are fine with that. Why?... as I mentioned before, It's easier to pretend that sentinels are to blame for everything.
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