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  1. The classic, 4/4 sacred shield, 5/5 heal, 4/4 banner, The rest, you apply it as you want, doesn't matter. As for phy build, The only thing that varies, is to add points to repellent strike In magic build everyone expect that u can heal, do aoe, or shield the tank.. (yes of course, not even you are the tank) In phy build, you rarely is going to be invited, And if they do, they expect you to be able to tank. Or simply collaborate with something, either with damage or simply dedicate yourself to applying shield to whoever can tank Yes, the paladin can act as a tank, but for that you lose points in useful skills, only to add to the aggression, and maybe to inner forces, and add all the possible life points, this means building a false warden If it is possible, buy mermen gear, for the skill that it gives, And surprise, you get a tank
  2. This game isnt p2p, everything is free (except bp But this does not interfere with progress.) Money only makes it a little faster to advance in the game, But only that, the difficulty is the same for everyone. While an f2p player has the same chances of being as powerful as someone who uses a lot of money, only a little slower. Money It's just for: skins, costumes, quest stuff, And some necessary things on offer like seals, crystals, etc, This can also be achieved with gold, so it is not a problem. pvp : the pvp nowadays based on stuns, But they have been adjusting this for all classes, the disadvantage is that there are some things that, despite being scarce, some players have, and this makes them incredibly strong, to the point of being almost invincible, this is reason for fights in the forum by nerf x class only by this player. Pve: I think that in this area it is relatively good, each class fulfills its function, (some more than others), but this is not cause for fighting, they are different classes, therefore each one works in its own way. Guilds: Uhmm... Personally this is the subject that I despise the most, in short, there are guilds much stronger than others. Unfortunately there will always be a guild that stands out from the rest, almost always elfs, (in EU emerald, there is a guild becoming tyrannical and toxic that dominates both sides elf and mc) Leaving aside the bad, the game is fun, I recommend playing on both sides (mc, elf) do not tie yourself in just one It doesn't hurt to expand the experience
  3. More than speed and strength, I think it needs to increase critical damage by at least 20%, this automatically makes all skills strong, if what you are looking for is outdmg And maybe some penetration for both users 1h-2h
  4. Sadly, paladin needs the same skill build he has used for years, there's really no way to vary this, at least in my opinion.
  5. Apparently, anyone who does not play in the legion, has no right to ask for buff.
  6. Also wanna know, rn 2h builds have a lot of potential
  7. Lmfao i played rogue, fyi was my first char, i just stopped bcuz i was bored "rogues are so bad for playing" *proceed to keep playing with it* Is it so difficult for you?, i also played dk, pala, wlock, the most nerfed classes until now, and guess what.. I keep playing with them for 9 years, 9 years of mere nerf. Don't be so negative man. No mood to fight, or create drama For trifles.
  8. - before rebalance i saw many rogues complaining about speed, that "rogues need more damage, not speed", they got more dmg (frenzy % critical dmg, +dmg on skills) and now u appeared... - i know that u feeling that wasted signs to amp axes, but, have u tried the "axes" build?, If you was using axes why now need speed? Even arena axes doesn't have speed, at least thats im remember also arena swords doesn't have speed... Lets compare rogues and seekers Rogues can spam skills without lost mana fastly, x1 energy consumption (x2 if using mm gear) Seekers only relies on speed bcz have x2 energy consumption skills (x3 if using mm gear), using all skills once will drain almost all energy and have to wait a lot for reg. You understand?, rogues have advantage on skills more than atk speed, while seeker have a lot of speed but limited enegy, even using the skill that increase speed + pene is draining energy slowly ( nerfed duration> casting all the time to keep the speed) - compete for a raid boss It's not just the work of rogues - i saw many rogues happy bcuz their dmg skills were buffed, idk why you not ๐Ÿ˜— -rogues are a way better now, more than before, Just adapt to each change as usual in this game Also my chief were nerfed, i ain't stop playing just because of that๐Ÿง
  9. All good but, why speed up the video? We can't appreciate the speed of the warlock when everything there are fast ๐Ÿ˜‚
  10. Ye i know, i suggest that it should be reworked as 5x5 area. And It should move with the dk, so he can pull enemy to him and doesnt lose his aoe.. Similar to aoe aggro but with better dmg. And remove dmg from aoe aggro and add dmg buff to it, so everyone near the dk can do burst dmg. In short -aoe aggro & mdmg > aoe aggro & dmg buff by example 25% -knight curse dmg buff & mdmg > constant aoe mdmg near the dk by 5x5 area by for example 8 sec X2 reworks, deathcall and knight curse
  11. Agree lol How tf you dodge a rain without moving? How tf you dodge a blazing ground by only staying there? Also why tf the dummy can dodge attacks? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ 0 logic but i guess thats fault of pvp weirdos that complain about everything
  12. 85% dmg from knight curse? Y'all lucky xd Paladin has 60% only ๐Ÿ˜” But hey, it seems fair because it has a little more area of effect than knight curse I don't dispute that.
  13. Paladin = sh**ty defense / good dmg Dk= good defense/ sh**ty dmg Barb= sh**ty defense / good dmg Wd = good defense / sh**ty dmg Its pretty well balanced to me
  14. Uhmm ..... I guess it's better than nothing. So, the max chance is 50%? I don't think anyone would still use it Aww I wanted stun All good, but something is still missing *cough*2nd buff*cough*
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