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  1. Well, maybe to make it worth spending necessary skill points on demonic form, Remove all debuffs when use, also Remove cd buff and add decrease incoming dmg , and directly allow to use skills without cd for the duration of the transformation. A demonic transformation that is one of respect xd
  2. Well, it can be fixed, maybe better penetration if you don't like accuracy, or leave accuracy and reduce a little bit. Isn't stun, is a "root", also doesn't decrease atk speed parameter, Directly decrease your movements as if you were in slow motion thats why i dont added percentage for this It was designed to be useful in dg such as tech, there you do not need gouge But I understand the problem (pvp) To remove atk speed, also need remove strength bcuz no sense to have strength if your autoattacks are slow, also rogues relies on spam skill just like chieftain, thats why the actual rogue does not have that parameter.
  3. In fact it has a lot of potential in terms of new skill possibilities, it's just that, there should be a simple way to exploit it.
  4. Uhm 7x7... It's a lot of space don't you think?
  5. I thought it was a video of how to deal with them, xD Currently it is something difficult, if you attack the bm, the lion is going to take the sh*t out of you, if you attack the lion, the bm is still going to take the sh* t out of you. Neither is not like the lion or the owner are easy to kill in 3 seconds 😂
  6. 😂😂😂 Yea, of course, everyone has at least 10 set of each pot, Because who knows when you're going to meet a rogue 😌🤙🤙 In any case, detection pot would affect twice the seeker, needs dissapearance for the stun to work, while the rogue has a knife that causes stun at long range, and guess what... It works even without stealth... Justify nerf based on consumables... Is it a bit difficult don't you think? And, i asked for defensive skill, but gm gived us that glass-cannon skill, Well, anyway..
  7. Taking into account everything you are complaining, the seeker should be deprived of using any other buff that is not of its own skills, books, pots, scrolls, bcuz seeker is alrdy powerful and thats unfair to everyone... Imagine considering movement speed better than increasing character damage.... You don't know what you want, dude..
  8. Yes, I know, but consider that the seeker also can use 2h weapons, which brings high dmg. Also that the seeker has 2 damage increases, (shield and inner rage) So, I tried to balance the matter a bit in skill Perhaps their penalty could be energy consumption, since they depend on using skill and not auto-attacks. A future key class talent for these, could further fix the issue of penalties The seeker would be at hand with the rogues Also i added strength+speed to extermination, Because... . You know,... the seeker also has this
  9. Skill ideas Skill name: Killer Trance (passive) Description: Each skill used, accumulates 2/3/4/5 effects. The effects increase dmg and accuracy by 5% for 20 sec, but increase also the mana cost of using skills by 3 units. 2nd skill idea: Skill name: Paralyzing attack Description: Immobilizes the enemy and Slows down the movement of their attacks, if the skill is resisted, decreases the enemy dmg by 10%/15/20%/25% Parameters: active skill -duration 8/9/10/12 seconds - cd 20 seconds Skill rework/fixes Ricochet: now each bounce produces bleeding debuff of 40% of character dmg by 7 seconds Extermination: now increase attack speed + Strength by 10%/15%/20%/25% Absolute reflexes: now every 6/5/4/3 attacks received, the character dodges the next 1/2/2/3 attacks. Thats all
  10. I'll go straight to the point Skill ideas Skill name : havoc Parameters: passive Description: increase chance of dealing double dmg (x2 autoattack at once, 30%/40%/45%/55% chance) also every used skill acumulate 5/5/4/3 effects, when full required effects are acumulated, the next attack stun enemy for 2.5 seconds,( stun time doesn't increase) 2nd skill idea: Skil name: wild roar Description: The chief makes a roar that produces fear in those who want to face him, Petrifies the enemy for 3/3/4/5 seconds, enemy cannot attack the chieftain, and the chieftain cannot attack them, But, instead increases the damage dealt to them by 10%/15%/20%/25%. Parameters: -active skill -2/3/3/4 enemy players affected, unlimited mobs (3x3 area) -cd 30 sec Skill fixes/rework ideas: Thrashing: now works around the character as instant effect Wolf alacrity: the skill does not reduce movement speed anymore, now has 40%/50%/60%/70%/80% chance of stun enemy for 3 sec (stun duration doesn't increase) Spiritual purification: now remove enemy buffs by 2/3/3/4 and adds Weariness debuff, this debuff increase the cost of using skills by 8%/10%/12%/15% for 8 seconds Bestial wrath: now increase piercing attack + speed if using 1h weap, and cooldown + penetration if using 2h weap Parameters: -10%/15%/20%/25% speed+ piercing attack. -10%/15%/20%/25% penetration, and 20%/25%/30%/35% cooldown. It's just ideas, Don't take it seriously
  11. What about mine Name: toxic mist Appearance: creates a 5x5 area with a green mist. Description: if a enemy is under toxic mist decrease his movement speed by 45%/50%/55%/60%, also decrease his health if move or use skills inside the mist by 4%/6%/8%/10% (every 1 sec if moving) Features : -skill duration 7/8/9/10 seconds - 2/2/3/4 enemy players affected, unlimited mobs - you can resist the movement speed debuff but not the health decrease - 40 sec cd
  12. Why not? Not only stuns/silence counts as cc They have no less relevance just bcuz they only tie you to the ground
  13. Everyone should play on both sides, the experience is not limited to just complaining that "x" side is op and the other is not, they will see the pros and cons of both sides without favoritism, without complaining about ridiculousness. And above all to contribute something to the characters, more than asking for nerf to others, just because they "think" it would be the best, (I doubt it) The worst thing is that they are offended if you tell them the truth
  14. Believe me, for the only reason someone would add skill points in that skill, is for talent, and it's just an add-on, the skill itself is rubbish, The rogue is not as bad as you think, in fact it is a very fun class
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