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  1. Seeker Remaining Acceleration Dodge bonus changed to Resistance bonus. Value decreased from 10% to 8%. 8% would be fine if some skill helps. readjust the "inner rage" so that it increases the resistance instead of dmg .... Anyway that skill nobody uses it xd
  2. I know, it's great, but for that very reason they are unlikely to consider it
  3. Seeker Remaining Acceleration When leaving an invisible state from the Disappearance skill, the character gets the Remaining Acceleration positive effect for 5%. The effect keeps the movement speed bonus from the skill as well as increasing the Dodge parameter by 10%. I think that the dodge duration should be at least 10 - 12 sec, it still doesn't seem very useful for now. Chieftain Shivering Earth Thrashing skill applies an additional Easy Target negative effect to all opponents while the skill is active. The effect increases the damage received by your opponent by 2% for every target affected by the skill. The maximum power of the effect is 10%. If increase aoe and a little more damage, it would be like a variant of the harad banner with denial of movement.... I just say Deathknight Bloody Barrier Dark Shield skill adds an additional Bloody Barrier positive effect to the character for 15 sec. every time the character suffers total damage equal to 40% of its maximum health. The effect ignores the next incoming damage from an auto attack or opponent skill which causes instant damage. The maximum number of effects is 2. I guess it works only 2 (or 3 maybe) times before dying (even if they are undead already)
  4. hmm 1% - 3% is pretty low especially on talents like dodge, penetration , speed etc ...maybe 1% per level instead of 0,25 would make more difference, because it doesn't even show
  5. The constant damage skills like, pool of darkness, blazing ground, punitive roots, there is no more xd (maybe rain of arrows that cannot be dodged) The rest is resisted or dodged, besides that the skills that I mentioned can be evaded with the elusive jump (I know .. I have done it and it works), I do not know more ... Tell us how to deal against a full dodge rogue pls xd
  6. Seeker Remaining Acceleration When leaving an invisible state from the Disappearance skill, the character gets the Remaining Acceleration positive effect for 5%. The effect keeps the movement speed bonus from the skill as well as increasing the Dodge parameter by 10%. I do not know what to think about this, currently I have seen seekers with life steal instead of dodge, This opens up new opportunities for future dodge builds, but I feel like it's missing something to complement it, something to help the dodge work.
  7. Imagine that the paladin's aura reduces the damage by 20%, or that the fetters return the damage towards the opponent under the effect, or that the "purification" does its job and removes at least 1 positive effect from the opponent xd so many good options and they choose the most hmmm .... In fact it doesn't seem that bad, as long as the main effect is not reduced to give way to group healing, for me it is fine ...
  8. You are right about the chiefs (unfortunately it happened to me and it is very frustrating), but eventually the dodge will give you some opportunity to avoid that annoying instakill, obviously it will not work 100% of the time so it is a matter of luck. The healer is usually the target of absolutely everyone, even other healers xd. The paladin's shield is something strong but it is not unbreakable and it is useless if the paladin is left alone, in addition to the fact that there are some relics that help eliminate positive effects on other players, obviously with a chance to work. Not everything can work as one wants. In gvg not only rogues have a hard time, in fact seekers are even more useless in those situations and I don't see anyone complaining about it, I'm not saying that the rogue is the best class out there, it's just that dodge is a point in favor comparing it with other damage characters...
  9. You're right, but it's how it's supposed to work. This is why rogues and seekers have the advantage of attacking by surprise. Their job is to do massive damage, and in case of being gvg, the only thing left to do is eliminate one by one ... Defense is not the strong point of the characters whose only job is to do damage ... Of course, this leaving aside the bd (they're like havel with axes in both hands) Not all damage characters are blessed with incredible dodge
  10. Paladin Divine Lightbringer Heavenly Light skill additionally restores health to 4 allies to the amount of 10% of the power of the skill within 2 yards of the target. Does this affect the main effect of the skill?
  11. Believe it, it is not easy at all, especially when they dodge or in the worst case scenario resist your only chance to keep them at bay, and come on, the chances are few, and we are not talking only about +10 players, in fact some low amp players use dodge build and are somewhat difficult to get rid off. In pve this build ( for gvg) is not very effective, it is a small sacrifice that benefits in pvp. If you want to get good at gvg just pick another class dude... rogue is for instant damage not for crowd control, This class contributes in its own way. And yes, I have played with rogue...
  12. LOL no, the rogue is fine, not everything is about pvp, nor is it a competition to see who does the most damage (ecxept bd, Those guys should never have been able to use axes)
  13. Let me guess, ... is it because the bd now has a 100% stun chance? Dude, do not compare the classes with each other, you will never be satisfied ...
  14. 20% speed is enough indeed, there are crystals and some guilds have 15% more, ... If you want more speed then build a seeker or a rogue lmao. As for the resistance skill, I have doubts whether it is enough or not, (probably not), It would have a good combination with wolf alacrity during wars, they would easily reach the flag and blah blah
  15. As we already know, the "inner forces" ability had a change that was a good thing, but it is still somewhat weak So I want to share ideas xd Name: inner forces Type: passive Description:each auto attack against the character will reduce the damage towards him by 2%. maximum number of effects 10 Effect Duration: 12 sec Cooldown: 6 sec (will not start immediately after the effect ends.) Reduced incoming damage will increase with skill level (+ 1%) 2nd idea ------------------------- Name: inner forces Type: passive Description: every 15% of health lost, the paladin will receive the "resonance" effect for 5 seconds, the next attack against the character will restore life points (100% of the damage received) The amount of health lost will be reduced with increasing skill level (-2%) I'm afraid that they will take the ideas for other characters and not for the paladin xD (it has already happened) anyway ... What do you think?
  16. Rogues now with 2 stun + gouge + healing, sounds dangerous, starting because they only need 1 (or maybe none) to kill another player (maybe it works against characters with tank role, although it doesn't help much). in pve I do not think it is very useful (healing yes) especially with big bosses. the paladin hmm, 2% seems very little (maybe that amount is perfect, I don't know) at least the paladin will have some support for himself, (not counting the sacred shield, since it only works in the company of another player / npc / minion) the mage seems to be having a hard time (is better to wait for the test server to judge) I did not understand the change on exacerbation xD explain pls
  17. now there is a char that can insta-kill, that has high dodge, can heal himself and now can stun .. guess? magical staffs werent added to the charmer because yolo... did you know?
  18. The paladin's skill is incredibly bad, I had high expectations just because It was passive, but I end up being disappointed as usual with the paladin. I suggest adding damage reduction to the player instead of blocking, as a kind of stone skin that activates when having a certain amount of health ... it works as well for mace and shield as for 2h weapon users, it also gives honor to his name .. INNER FORCE !! I begin to believe that it is a waste of time to continue playing with the paladin
  19. I want to think that they were wrong with the skills of the bd and the seeker, actually it should be the other way around (seeker with resistance and bd with aoe damage)... eh? ..eh?....EH?
  20. god... why another damage skill for seeker There is no comfort in new armor skills considering how few they will be and how extremely expensive they would be. I like the paladin's skill, it seems that now it is possible to resist a little more with a mace and shield
  21. more ideas skill name: blinding blow type: active cost of use: 25 mana points cooldown: 20 seconds description: reduces accuracy and attack speed for a period of time effect: lv1: -25% attack speed -10% accuracy 10 seconds lv2: -30% attack speed -15% accuracy 12 seconds lv3: -35% attack speed - 20% accuracy 14 seconds lv4: -40% attack speed -25% accuracy 16 seconds skill name: elusive hability type : pasive description : every 3 skills used the seeker will have the opportunity to evade a certain amount of attacks, the number of attacks evaded will depend on the skill level, if the skill is upgraded above level 3 the seeker will receive 15% parry effect: lv1: 2 positive attacks evaded lv2: 3 positive attacks evaded lv3: 3 positive attacks evaded + 15% parry lv4 : 4 positive attacks evaded (parry included) +useful if you are attacked by multiple opponents + more chance to resist a little more in pvp - massive use of skills is necessary, so energy will be a problem here (again)
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