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  1. the funny thing is that most players who ask for nerf are +10 I think there is a rivalry in terms of power and they will do anything they can to defeat "that bastard I can not defeat" even if they have to resort to asking nerf to the enemy class. I know it sucks to face someone who in a few blows leaves you like ointment, I play with paladin... remember that all classes are strong in their own way
  2. Kaesarz


    use two-handed weapons the only way to kill them is with great damage, tanking them will only slow things down even if you are a tank you always have to have at least one 2h weapon for situations like these the charmers do not have the same luck as you think about it
  3. even with swords are fcking strong the power of the blades are culprit
  4. it stinks to meet one of them in arena not only druids, to be in arena with many other players +10 is fcked
  5. I think it's a bad idea xD we are talking about two enemy factions are not going to greet cordially besides that it would increase the number of players banned for bad behavior
  6. excellent guide But we are talking about bd xD. Play in any way works well for the bd. It really does not have much logic when playing with him.
  7. creo que tiene algo que ver con la rareza del objeto aunque realmente esto no cambia en nada en el objeto lo cual hace que el color del nombre sea totalmente inutil
  8. Kaesarz

    Need help

    It's good that you want to buy rings, it's just that here is not a good place to look for sellers Just saying
  9. Kaesarz

    New skill ideas

    That would be useful and at the same time useless... We would still be weak in terms of defense.
  10. Kaesarz

    New skill ideas

    the old functionality of absolute reflexes ( dodge 3 attacks) would work very well in the seeker skill ideas : defensive blinding light : reduces the damage and accuracy of the enemy survival instinct : reduces damage done to the character while reducing character damage by 12 seconds ricochet armor : returns the damage inflicted on the character by 35% in 7 sec 35%/40/%45%/50% (+5 in every skill level) skill ideas: attack piercing blow : deal huge damage ignoring all kinds of defense, (Damage reduction skills to the character do not work.and it can not cause critical damage ) back stab : The character teleports to the enemy causing damage and applying bleeding. If any of the skills is op, let me know. XD
  11. the only difference is that the sacred shield disappears after a few hits while the other defensive skills last a little longer and absorb more damage
  12. I agree It really is annoying when you try to use the invigorating stream on you and heals any unknown and you stay like : and the unknown one :
  13. and my question is .. Why do you want more dodge? xD so far that attribute is useless in long-range players
  14. Kaesarz

    I've had enough

    I understand your pain, trying to do pvp with the seekr is a pain in the ass Especially when you're nothing against casters, ( I know that not everything is PvP but let's accept it, it stinks to lose against someone more "weak" than your) I just hope that the last new skill (I have not bought it yet) will work in pvp or at least give us some advantage in pve it's fine the seeker does a good damage
  15. Kaesarz

    Change of sex!

    Maybe, but there are those who want to change it without apparent reason
  16. for me the only distraction I have being level 28 is do pelion and try to gather all the crimson corudum possible xD
  17. I had not thought about that before it's a very good idea many of the things that are in the second hand dealer in mc are not bought or are simply disassembled
  18. Kaesarz

    Seeker PvP/PvE

    it's great that you like the seeker .. the only bad thing is that the seeker is still easily dominated by other classes and so far I have not seen anyone use the new skill of increasing CD
  19. Kaesarz


    Not everyone likes to depend on another to win in pvp the seeker needs something that can withstand attacks like a defensive skill or something with respect to the new skill, I think it's good to have some chance to win in a 1v1 pvp the problem is knowing when to use it
  20. I do not know ..................... maybe ................ all the classes!?
  21. it would not be bad xD after all, it is bladedancer and not axedancer Although I do not think it finds much difference, it's still strong the rogue must have daggers (he's a rogue, hello?)
  22. What was all that? I played as a rogue for a long time and it is very good in terms of damage. I think the cause of why the other classes seem to have a lot more damage is the rogue's stealth ability: the surprise attack causes a lot of damage instantly, but nothing more, so you can do a lot of damage only if you can use it again - (only with gouge) instead, the hunter and the seeker do not have this problem since their abilities that increase the damage do not have this limitation but there is no need to worry the rogue has a skill that reduces a bit the opponent's armor (a little simple help but something is something xD) finally I disagree with all you say about the barbarian..
  23. pvp (1v1) = bd dk charmer warlock barb easiest class = bd pd: I play seeker
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