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  1. both classes are stupids, warden is a living wall and charmer have stuns + heals + a constant damage and heal by dogs and birds... now with the recents updates , many stun skills can be dodged blocked or parried, so, both classes now are hard as fk, then why many ppl still complaining xd?
  2. as many know, the seeker lacks a good defensive skill, so, I will give my idea and hope that at some point it will be taken into account Skill name: berserk Info: increase attack speed and dodge by 30% ( +5% in every level ) for 12 sec Recharge time: 20 sec Skill animation: I was thinking about something simple xD, taking into account that most skills of some classes are copied from others. . . I suggest that the animation be similar to the rogue's dodge skill .... but red What do you think guys? Is a crap? Too op? Is a good skill? Leave your ideas
  3. Kaesarz

    Dangerous Blow

    quiet friend, there is a small chance that they improve the seeker as much as for pvp as for pvp I just hope they really improve it, I spent a lot of time playing with the seeker so that it ends up being boring
  4. in my case instead of spheres I get more blue essences
  5. fact# 163 : the boss nyarlat( nyarlathotep) in ayvondil and the boss nab shiggurath( shub niggurath) are deities created by h.p lovecraft fact#164: the boss "faceless" was punched in the face by r0land
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xzU9Qqdqww
  7. Kaesarz

    New skill ideas

    Most skills are copied from others for example the attraction of the seeker are the same threads of darkness if they are going to continue copying skills I hope it's a defensive one like the dark shield or last wish of the barbarian.. Or at least to fix the existing ones that are not very useful for example the inner rage (that until now are like fireworks for before dying xD) And make it defensive For example When you reach a certain amount of life you receive immunity to stun (it works only if you lower the indicated level of life) Or it gives you an incredible amount of dodge to at least let us escape the danger
  8. the funny thing is that most players who ask for nerf are +10 I think there is a rivalry in terms of power and they will do anything they can to defeat "that bastard I can not defeat" even if they have to resort to asking nerf to the enemy class. I know it sucks to face someone who in a few blows leaves you like ointment, I play with paladin... remember that all classes are strong in their own way
  9. Kaesarz


    use two-handed weapons the only way to kill them is with great damage, tanking them will only slow things down even if you are a tank you always have to have at least one 2h weapon for situations like these the charmers do not have the same luck as you think about it
  10. even with swords are fcking strong the power of the blades are culprit
  11. it stinks to meet one of them in arena not only druids, to be in arena with many other players +10 is fcked
  12. I think it's a bad idea xD we are talking about two enemy factions are not going to greet cordially besides that it would increase the number of players banned for bad behavior
  13. excellent guide But we are talking about bd xD. Play in any way works well for the bd. It really does not have much logic when playing with him.
  14. creo que tiene algo que ver con la rareza del objeto aunque realmente esto no cambia en nada en el objeto lo cual hace que el color del nombre sea totalmente inutil
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