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  1. now there is a char that can insta-kill, that has high dodge, can heal himself and now can stun .. guess? magical staffs werent added to the charmer because yolo... did you know?
  2. The paladin's skill is incredibly bad, I had high expectations just because It was passive, but I end up being disappointed as usual with the paladin. I suggest adding damage reduction to the player instead of blocking, as a kind of stone skin that activates when having a certain amount of health ... it works as well for mace and shield as for 2h weapon users, it also gives honor to his name .. INNER FORCE !! I begin to believe that it is a waste of time to continue playing with the paladin
  3. I want to think that they were wrong with the skills of the bd and the seeker, actually it should be the other way around (seeker with resistance and bd with aoe damage)... eh? ..eh?....EH?
  4. god... why another damage skill for seeker There is no comfort in new armor skills considering how few they will be and how extremely expensive they would be. I like the paladin's skill, it seems that now it is possible to resist a little more with a mace and shield
  5. more ideas skill name: blinding blow type: active cost of use: 25 mana points cooldown: 20 seconds description: reduces accuracy and attack speed for a period of time effect: lv1: -25% attack speed -10% accuracy 10 seconds lv2: -30% attack speed -15% accuracy 12 seconds lv3: -35% attack speed - 20% accuracy 14 seconds lv4: -40% attack speed -25% accuracy 16 seconds skill name: elusive hability type : pasive description : every 3 skills used the seeker will have the opportunity to evade a certain amount of attacks, the number of attacks evaded will depend on the skill level, if the skill is upgraded above level 3 the seeker will receive 15% parry effect: lv1: 2 positive attacks evaded lv2: 3 positive attacks evaded lv3: 3 positive attacks evaded + 15% parry lv4 : 4 positive attacks evaded (parry included) +useful if you are attacked by multiple opponents + more chance to resist a little more in pvp - massive use of skills is necessary, so energy will be a problem here (again)
  6. It should increase dodge instead of accuracy?
  7. 2nd idea Skill name: combat reflexes Type: passive description: with each missed autoattack of the charater, the seeker will increase his dodge, accuracy and attack speed for 10 seconds Effect: 3% (+2% on each level) on dodge accuracy and attack speed on every autoattack missed , max number of effects, 3 Energy comsumption: Lvl 1: 4 Lvl 2: 7 Lvl 3: 10 Lvl 4: 13 (will consume energy on failed attacks until the number of effects is 3... meanwhile, no) Another one ( variation) Skill name : adaptation aura Type: active Cost of use : 25 mana points Cooldown : 15 seconds Seeker recover mana points and increase accuracy if the character fail an autoattack Effect 4%/8%/12%/16% energy recovered and accuracy for 10 seconds
  8. I wanna try it too xd Skill name : berserk Type : active Cooldown : 15 seconds Description: in a fit of fury the seeker suddenly increases his accuracy and the probability of dodging attacks Effect: Lvl 1 : 25% accuracy 30% dodge Lvl 2 : 30% accuracy 35% dodge Lvl 3 : 35% accuracy 40% dodge Lvl 4 : 40% accuracy 45% dodge Duration : 8 seconds, duration will not increase animation : considering that almost all abilities are copied from others ... so I think it should be like the animation of dodge of the rogue, but red instead of blue
  9. Why pala need aggro? Isn't there already a tank 1000 times better than pala? "With a good defense you can tank." Thats bullshit ... Not all players are +10 No one here thinks about the f2p players
  10. Just remove the aggro from the ilumination and we will have a good AOE dmg free to use anywhere everywhere They should add another effect instead of aggro (another one that obviously helps us survive and doesn't put us at risk of dumb dying)
  11. Kaesarz


    After having played with the seeker for a while, I must say that ... you are right if it is true that the seeker has improved a little, but come on ... as speedom said, it went from paper to cardboard ... A defensive skill is very necessary, the shield has been a great help, but there is a problem, and that is that after using it we are literally exposed to certain death (now have high cd too) .. especially if we are facing ranged classes, because we cannot do the bloodthirst combo, or self-heal in case you have ls ... and to make matters worse, your attacks are easily dodged, so it's also not possible to use the new pvp skill ( cd boost) ... I'm just saying the seeker is perfect in pve and dmg, the only thing that fcks us is the pvp
  12. Kaesarz

    Seeker's skills 8.4.1

    We have a lot of movement reduction in our arsenal of skills, which in the end are useless because our enemies escape anyway (pvp) or simply does not fulfill any function (pve) I suggest a small change in the secondary effect in either one since they reduce exactly the same amount of movement in each level (exacerbation, splitting blow) ... something that can help us in terms of defense, or a combination of both (exacerbation + splitting blow) I don't know .. think about it xd
  13. si.. son "arreglos" bastante inusuales.. es la consecuencia de mucha gente quejandose de todo (sobretodo el balance en pvp), y es por eso que si joden a uno, nos jodemos todos... si te fijas en el post, dicen que ajustaron las habilidades segun las quejas de la gente, pero como es costumbre nada les satisface... solo digo que los reajustes que hicieron es culpa de los mismos jugadores..
  14. the paladin is still not a decent tank They gave us skills such as light defense or sacred shield ... duck, yes, but it is not enough, the paladin mysteriously remains as paper ... remember that not all users of the paladin are +10, at most they reach +6 .. but it's ok ... we will adapt with difficulty as always xD
  15. All Stop comparing yourself to other classes, worry about your own potential instead of complaining about other classes that may not even play ... Defend your own class without the need to include others, just make all pay for one
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