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  1. They should remove the stun from "harads call" and add it to the "sun seal" Then remove the healing effect because it is useless, and that works with physical damage. Dmg and stun time increased per level (2.5 stun base + 0.5 per level) So it will make sense to use points is this skill, and legion gonna stop complain because "insane" aoe stun.
  2. This will drive the seeker's haters crazy. Daggers seem to be enough
  3. Good points -banner now deal the same dmg on all mobs - light aura have good looking animation -can self cast his shield - inner forces now work a bit faster Bad points -Banner is ridiculously weak - light aura now mess up the energy reg For nothing but just the same effect (no buff, no effect added) -Again the shield works alone, without support from other skills -inner forces still reduce only 2 - 3% You will never notice any reduction in the damage you receive
  4. Kaesarz

    Reverse Flow

    I play in Eu emerald, and apparently here is no problem with that.. I have seen that the barbarians of this server easily destroy templars before they apply aoe stun, and wlocks help them. It's like fighting a wlock, if you have experience with them, you know how to evade aoe stuns The only thing I agree on is that with the use of mantra, it continues to capture seal.
  5. I had high expectations with "inner force" But, as usual, I always end up disappointed. The current idea is good, but its dmg reduction is hmmm.... I could say that a cardboard box protects better. As for "light defense, I expected some other defensive effect added... it only increases the defense a little And thats all... No reason to spend points on this. with "light aura" hmm I think so that they have added this reg energy function, At least they would have added something else, because let's go... It cannot be that they have touched it and that in the end it has the same effect. With "sun seal" I didn't feel any relevant changes. So.... No need to use book of oblivion in this update... Again... The same build I've had for years apparently will still working
  6. Kaesarz

    Reverse Flow

    But.. Abusing a skill, (skill that works perfectly, no bugs etc) It doesn't go against the rules or is it? XD It depends on whether the player knows how to use it to annoy Like charmers when they were newly added Summon dogs, stun, run away, stun, summon more dogs n birds, stun. In fact each class has its own way of annoying others, I guess it's normal.
  7. Everything for the same buff Because they didn't add anything else
  8. Anyway, I doubt they're going to reverse this. You make it look like a big loss when it's not. In case you are new, it is better to get used to this type of changes. Eventually it will stop being shocking to you. Take it easy
  9. 1: Yes, it is possible to reach the same physical and magical damage. 2: Those 30% are reduced from the base magic damage of the left mace, not from all the magic damage you have.The same for physical damage. (the description says so clearly) So it's not as big a loss of magic damage as you think. 3: As a mixed chieftain, I can say that no one uses points in "blow of spirits" and "bear stamina", magic damage is used for "eagle's eye" and "swooping army", that is, only aoe. As part of the chieftain build, we use vampire runes, compensating for the "bear stamina" You would only lose a little magic damage, You don't need to do so much drama.
  10. Ain't nerf, it's how dual wielding is supposed to work They are only adjusting something that was already there for a long time, which by some mistake was not added to the chieftain. Following your logic, each dual wielder should have 30% and not 40% And in case you don't know, maces are the only 1h weapons That have a very high base damage, above the axes, swords etc.. The chieftain will not be useless after this, believe me As a chieftain user, I understand your discontent, but it was very obvious that it will eventually happen, This is not uncommon, new classes are subject to change all the time.
  11. Literally every class with dual wield, has this reduction. And Why should magic damage be the exception? For the other classes, physical damage affects the damage of their skills. The right thing to do is to put everyone in the same bag. And don't come out with the chieftain only being able to get very little magic damage (Whether you prioritize physical dmg, is your business) Anyways It was only 30% and not 40% as it normally is.
  12. Indeed, not fair... For one, they punish us all They Literally nerf bd on each update and we never notice any change XD Apparently bladedancers are immune to nerfs
  13. Indeed, 30% is a lot I guess he is now in the same condition as the paladin
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