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  1. hao

    about steam Suit

    Is there only one Steam Suit for each account? If I want the newly created character to have him, can I only register a new account?
  2. So, Why your name is TheCabbage instead of Thecabbage?
  3. Do you mean the capitalization of the letters? Regardless of adding friends or whispers, you don’t need to be case sensitive.
  4. Given that there are few good names that can be used now. Neither sign nor space can be used. Suggested role names can use multiple uppercase letters. E.g Original:Mrrowan now:MrRowan This makes the name more beautiful and humane. If you think this suggestion is good, please like. My English is not good. Please forgive me. I love this game.
  5. This provides a more interesting way of playing for other players. If you can't imagine what it would be like. E.g Maple Story - shadower Path of Exile - Shadow: Dagger + Shield Ragnarok Online - Ninja and rogue/Assassin They're all so cool. Not only can more games be provided, but also players who collect fashion products are happier.
  6. The starting point is to enable them to have richer forms and alternative ways of playing. P
  7. Increase the type of weapon that can be used. A thief can use a shield and a two handed weapon A dagger and a shield can be used by the magic department
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