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  1. First of all i would like to greet you all a happy new year,, Well I want to ask what happened to our Daily chests??? I mean I have x99 chest before update on my mailbox where did my chest went???? on my chest i have golds from market sales and gifts that's still inside that chests ,,,, idk if Im the only one who experienced this,, I need answers,, i hope my post will gain justice :wacko:
  2. pa update ng list natin sa Guild 1 / Warsphil ,, ung mga nakapost kasi jan eh d naman n natn members eh,, XD
  3. mikearah


    The game.always.crashes... and this note always appears when I open the app. .. I'm tired of reinstalling this again and again.. pls fix this bug.. android user... thanks
  4. Adik ka renz grrrrrrrrrr..... sali k n sa group;) Tutal madami k nmng char sa xtreme pinoy... @ate nhyn d pa finalized ung list sa group ntn.. nagbawas aq eh.. ... @all willing to join open p po ang warsphil
  5. May 2 slots left pa po sa WarsPhil pa pm n lng po aqif want sumali..
  6. TOTTALY AGREE... AND PLS LOWER THE UNBINDING SYSTEM.. COZ IT WAS SO EXPENSIVE AT 399 MCoin.. the unbinding system is garbage.. loosing its shit amps at high price
  7. mikearah

    Unbid item

    I agree that its okay to loose it's amp when unbinding and item. But I don't totally agree to cost unbinding to 399mc its a way too much. . . . My max is 30mc for unbinding. Or should I suggest to create unbinding items using GOLD. . . .much better bt dnt much.
  8. I suggest to make unbinding item using gold too. Much better to unbind those item with gold but n0t that much. . . Because nt all of us can afford to buy mc and even if we got mcoin we can't afford that 399 mc.. . .
  9. nice. . . .still curious about that arena thing. . . .
  10. adik may pic pala ako dito:D astiiiiiiiiiiiiiig ah :spiteful:
  11. i agree with chrono... make the quests like daily quests. so everybody can gain free miracle coins. Make it Fair please.
  12. its unfair for other class who don't have heal to reach kotarava,,, please return the way you introduced this update to us,,
  13. same problem here, , . . . I've spent many on this unfinished DATA CATCHING. . . .so UNFAIR why we all symbian phones cnt play. . . . . . . Nokia N95. . . . I tried to install on my nokia N97 it worked bt app crashes. . . . I hope you'll fix it soon. Thanks
  14. mikearah

    who scammer ?

    You are right at your first sentence that why he gave his account, but I dnt think so that making screen shots are possible at all time.. like he was saying,, he only uses phone..
  15. Please Include xxtranexx and girlxyx of EU-EMERALD to the list of scammers needs to be banned,, and I hope DEVs dont tolerate this,,, PROUD TO BE PINOY,, ""MIKEARAH""
  16. I spread lies? everyone here in the game says that you are a latty,, I just observed at trade chat.. and you always say negative words at trade chat,, and regards to your screen shot,, that's xeno not shutdown :pleasantry:
  17. Latty/Jayrox spreading lies in Professional Players,, and his words are not appropriate for younger players. :facepalm:
  18. Another Epic fail :facepalm: :pleasantry: :pleasantry:
  19. 500????????? :shok: :shok: :shok: :shok: :shok: :shok: :shok: :shok: :shok: :shok: :shok: :shok: :shok: :shok: grabe :shok: pero sulit ba un? pede ba atm?
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