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  1. i would prefer 5 light 5 heal rather than spending the 2SKILL POINTS to earthquake which sux (3x3 radius FAIL) :X
  2. What you guys think with the new update? Do you guys still like the earthquake? Feel free to post your skill if you guys reset :)
  3. I hope to see you in arena :yahoo: -Kuh
  4. Can someone explain the Amplify system? I just lost a Firm aventail when refining it to +2. Why does the creator of this game don't put an Guide or atleast info on everygrade of amplify. For us newbie we lost alot of gold on this. I hope the creator would atleast put info about this. I hope creators/gm/devs/cms will respond regarding this :(
  5. kouyamz


    This what makes the game hard to new players. Repair, boss and Transportation cost to the first island. High level with good gears will hesitate to help players the first island due to the cost. 270 is already big, its already a 5 Daily quest. The moderators should do something about this. Making repair a little cheaper, Making the boss a little easy, and lowering the transportation cost back to the Iselnort. This wont make new players enjoy the game, rather quit waiting for help in killing boss, begging gold for repair. Purpose of the game is to enjoy and for pass time, right? It just making the new players upset. :facepalm: I hope moderators, creators will do something about this. or else they wont attract new players.
  6. Nice guide. :) i hope you make a guide on warlock :P
  7. Nothing? Even low end cellphone can handle it :P
  8. whats the best name of the gears that can be use for lvl 14?
  9. Guys, ask ko lng kung magkanu rate nang Mol points sa mcoin?
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