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  1. Hahaahahahahahhahahahah thanks!! :lol: I will remember it for the next time :blush:
  2. Hate it too, sometimes you click wrong button and bought that item :facepalm: so shitty..........
  3. Ehhhhhh :lol: yeaaaaah hahaha ;D I miss warspear now.. I want to playyyy.. warspear come bacck! :cray: :diablo:
  4. ....... This is awfull!!!!!!!! Still not working! :diablo: will it be available today ?? :facepalm:
  5. Hmmhmmm. I just don't understand him that's all. Did I said my English is good? nah I don't see that aha? My words are okay. :)
  6. It's better if he speak English very well, than we peoples can understand him. If peoples don't understand him then we just can say it or not? just mean nothing wrong with that.
  7. Weird peoples sometimes ehe. :facepalm: :lol:
  8. Ahm.. A little problem with English? :blush: I don't really understand you :lol:
  9. Indeed ;) Nice to give free mcoins :facepalm: , but what about windows (PC) ? :wacko:
  10. Sirious peoples sometimes.. :facepalm: They make a big drama when MC's just killed Elfs. :lol: Don't forget, it's really normal to kill eachother... Don't cry, just take a breath and FIGHT! :diablo:
  11. Oh yeah you right, but it really sucks when your armor broken everytime and can't even buy mcoins. This is funny island to be honest, some quest there are just simple to do it. :lol:
  12. I'll be honest, I don't like this update :facepalm: Because mobs hitting too much. I died like 10 times, wish it was better it has to be normal mobs. And that teleporter is very annoying, it teleports me randomly.. I hope it will change later ;)
  13. OH EM GEEE YEAAHHHH finally ehe nice.. But I want to play, NOW! :diablo:
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