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  1. wew these weapon skins suits perfectly for rogues.
  2. Yaa I love ur idea ^^ very helpfull. (:
  3. Loool thats how I killed breath catcher before xD now I don't need to do it, in 2 hits he dead now.
  4. brs.... xd also i get many pms of people that says that im a scammer cuz someone else is using my name too :facepalm:
  5. I wish pala had something like DK expert skill because that skill works always on all mobs and on players. Pala can be used only on cursed characters and on resurrected monsters.... :/
  6. haters... :D gank me in cave and ull earn money. cool.
  7. I just came online xD :facepalm:
  8. Metalgirll


    Horizons 10/2 (:
  9. hmm.. i guess more magic is more dmg
  10. ah.. then i thank you for ur answer :blush: xd
  11. oh thank you so much for ur comment... ;D
  12. anyone can show me about new pala skill? it says it does magic dmg on ressurrected monsters and on cursed characters.. i want to see.. :)
  13. jaaaa was hard werken hahaha :blush: binnenkort weer tourny doen.. koste me elke dag veel geld maar t was t waard 8)
  14. ravva kisses strongest (elf) full alert (elf) death knights (elf) gangway to the caravans (elf)
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