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  1. On 22.01.2018 at 7:19 AM, nebullexus said:

    Druids are one of the most versatile class in the game. Gears are, however, quite expensive, especially those with the cooldown stat.


    If you're mainly interested in PvE, try to get as much HP as you can because Secret Link, which is one of your best healing spells, relies primarily on how much HP you have. Use Star Wisdom hood and gloves + Forefather of the Dragons armour and boots for maximum efficiency. As for belt, try to get one with HP. With this set, you can comfortably soar past the 5k HP point, provided you enchant with fortitude runes wherever you can.


    As for PvP, use either the complete arena set or a mixture of equips with cooldown. Alternately, you can try the newly added resistance set that you can currently get from the Snow event dungeons, although this will greatly reduce your defence against other players.


    For a balanced skill setup, try 1 Lightning Bolt, 5 Healing Dew, 3 Barkskin, 5 Entangling Roots and 1 Insect Swarm. Expert skills can be mixed and matched as per your preference.


    ForPvE, Forest Song, Secret Link, Healing Barrier and Invigorating Stream. For PvP, take Power of Water compulsorily at level 1 to combo the stun with Lightning Bolt and for extra damage. Then fill out the remaining slots from Forest Song, Punitive Roots, Secret Link, Tornado or Healing Barrier.


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