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  1. Absolutely phenomenal idea, only thing it bothers me is that 60 dmg for 5 energy feels too much. Maybe 60 dmg for 2-3 energy? I cant tell without testing for myself first but certainly Warlocks getting some love right here!!
  2. That's what you call a buff i guess.Truth be told if it wasn't for fading combo no lock would ever use this skill unless we talking about trying to catch an enemy who's on stealth or in a desperate attempt to get over the screen bugs the game has to offer for more than 8 years straight and successfully place another skill to keep the combo going on.Lemme hear some "Your neighbor got a bad internet etc etc" to justify those screen bugs Hmm,i guess nerfing this skill was needed but adding whole 6 secs? That's hilarious Buffing a skill which 90% of the times brings a Warlock in a disadvantage rather turning the tables around? Watching your teammates dying or setting yourself up right into enemy's next skill before you can blink must be worthy of maybe 2-3 skillpoints#not Useless in a large group fight aswell as in most pvp situations against certain classes Hex can be dodged/resisted but somehow you manage to pull off the combo (considering the Dark seal wont be resisted)and then wow!The enemy retreats with your spended skillpoints under his name.Wait a sec,you can stun him and prevent him from doing so but.....the whole combo goes to the trashcan since the enemy wont be able to hit you. As for the skill's heal reduction part hmm maybe thats one of the skills that should be nerfed also.-80% of enemy's healing skills aswell as from items is kinda unbalanced. Totally deserved a nerf,this skill was like a top tier skill if such a title existed within the game.Not to mention that resisting the skill's silence debuff wasn't the "end of the skill" but instead stepping again within its area of effect would put you under the silence effect again(or would be resisted once again) and that possibility would go on and on untill the skill would disappear. "Forcing" a specific build is a bad as it sounds.I give 50-50 chances of this combo being effective in a pvp situation since you would use such a combo to: A. Heal back the HP B. Deal increased dmg via Grimoire and stack up the Talent's properties C.A desperate move to survive since you got nothing else on your pocket to rely on. The results are the same against most classes in the game.A quick look on this list and is enough to get the point A. You won't receive HP back while the enemy has any kind of shield active since there's no dmg inflicted upon the enemy.(Your amount of heal depends heavily of the skill's current level aswell as the dmg you inflict,in common words No dmg=No heal) B.Every class who got a cleance skill will remove the skill from themselves resulting in a total waste since you neither will heal back nor will get the stacks from the talent. C. Good luck on that point,maybe you should use stone body and wait in there while the enemy gently waits for you to come forth and kill you with his skills which already will be ready to use all this time. P.s Hoping for something better than this in part 2 even if it means further nerfs on the class but better rework on skills like stone body/Dark seal/Bloody Tribute (This skill is a meme btw lmao)
  3. The main problems with Warlock class are: 1. The class itself is based on stuns/debuffs which makes it easily to deal with since most classes got a resist/removal of debuffs Skill 2. Lack of decent defensive skills/passive makes the warlock an easy target to punish once he misses a stun or most of the cases when someone resisted/used a resist skill to charge in.Now some will say "you guys got stone body". Well yeah but usually using stone body puts you in a disadvantage since you gonna get camped till this is over,rather than working the other way around. Heres my opinion about it: 1. Add a passive related to Warlock's kit which is heavily based on stuns. For example: Everytime an enemy resists a stun/debuff the Warlock receives a buff(?) lasting the same amount of time as the stun/debuff would last on enemy if it wasn't for it to be ignored. 2. Change the way Bloody Tribute works. "If the enemy uses a skill they will lose additional energy" to "If the enemy uses a skill the attribute of "Resist" parameter will be lowered to (?).
  4. How about adding castle log so anyone can see whos interacting with castle warehouse, been waiting for this for a long time now
  5. Power of relaxation drains 9 units per 2 sec when u have it maximized (4/4)and activated ofc.Shadow sphere skill(which is 4/4 on my pve build) depends on how much energy u currently have in order to deal a massive amount of mdmg plus under the influence of power of relaxation drains energy from the opponent which is used on.With that being said u will be lucky enough to use shadow sphere at its full potential in coordination with power of relaxation skill since u will never have full energy.Am looking forward for your advice tho,tnx again
  6. @Akashagood evening!I wanted to mention that with power of relaxation being activated,as a lock u cant really use shadow sphere at its full potential cuz your energy aint gonna be full by the time u wanna use shadow sphere.Plus an extended hotkey bar would be helpfull for every player after this update. Tnx for taking a moment reading my thoughts
  7. Any available information about when new craft system will take place?
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