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  1. The main problems with Warlock class are: 1. The class itself is based on stuns/debuffs which makes it easily to deal with since most classes got a resist/removal of debuffs Skill 2. Lack of decent defensive skills/passive makes the warlock an easy target to punish once he misses a stun or most of the cases when someone resisted/used a resist skill to charge in.Now some will say "you guys got stone body". Well yeah but usually using stone body puts you in a disadvantage since you gonna get camped till this is over,rather than working the other way around. Heres my opinion about it: 1. Add a passive related to Warlock's kit which is heavily based on stuns. For example: Everytime an enemy resists a stun/debuff the Warlock receives a buff(?) lasting the same amount of time as the stun/debuff would last on enemy if it wasn't for it to be ignored. 2. Change the way Bloody Tribute works. "If the enemy uses a skill they will lose additional energy" to "If the enemy uses a skill the attribute of "Resist" parameter will be lowered to (?).
  2. How about adding castle log so anyone can see whos interacting with castle warehouse, been waiting for this for a long time now
  3. Power of relaxation drains 9 units per 2 sec when u have it maximized (4/4)and activated ofc.Shadow sphere skill(which is 4/4 on my pve build) depends on how much energy u currently have in order to deal a massive amount of mdmg plus under the influence of power of relaxation drains energy from the opponent which is used on.With that being said u will be lucky enough to use shadow sphere at its full potential in coordination with power of relaxation skill since u will never have full energy.Am looking forward for your advice tho,tnx again
  4. @Akashagood evening!I wanted to mention that with power of relaxation being activated,as a lock u cant really use shadow sphere at its full potential cuz your energy aint gonna be full by the time u wanna use shadow sphere.Plus an extended hotkey bar would be helpfull for every player after this update. Tnx for taking a moment reading my thoughts
  5. Any available information about when new craft system will take place?
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