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  1. Power of relaxation drains 9 units per 2 sec when u have it maximized (4/4)and activated ofc.Shadow sphere skill(which is 4/4 on my pve build) depends on how much energy u currently have in order to deal a massive amount of mdmg plus under the influence of power of relaxation drains energy from the opponent which is used on.With that being said u will be lucky enough to use shadow sphere at its full potential in coordination with power of relaxation skill since u will never have full energy.Am looking forward for your advice tho,tnx again😌
  2. @Akashagood evening!I wanted to mention that with power of relaxation being activated,as a lock u cant really use shadow sphere at its full potential cuz your energy aint gonna be full by the time u wanna use shadow sphere.Plus an extended hotkey bar would be helpfull for every player after this update. Tnx for taking a moment reading my thoughts 🤗
  3. Any available information about when new craft system will take place?
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