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  1. Good event for make some golds before t5 release
  2. Mmm this update really lacks of power for legion side but for elfs is really good, paladins +50% hp, blade dancer +40% autoatttack and more penetration, mage got another AOE dmg skill and now is a Terminator, ranger got another good trap, Warden + resistance now it war will be easy for him. What legion is getting? A really nerfed dk, new skill blood protection nerfed too,Barb new skill bad too, infection nerfed really much buying that skill is a waste of 40k gold now,btw, the only class that got a good buff and not bad skill is rogue. GM please give a hand for mc, atleast for dk class, I'm not
  3. Well, this game Is not p2w for healers they no need much amp, they need only a +6 staff and heal is good, but for dps and tank classes yes, they need much amp and dmg acessoryes really expensive asf. If you do all daily quests,Old lab and t4 ayvondil and swamp quests u can be good also with expensive classes but need time and patience I hightly recommend healers if you are new in game and want play f2p expirience Charmer is also a good option since their heal is not bad and they outdamage warlocks, my noob charmer lvl 20 with 3k deff and 200 dmg can solo spring dg easly, for me
  4. I have your same problem, I tried reinstall the game or relaunch my ios device but still this crash and cant enjoy the game, pls gm fix it soon as possibleeeeee...
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