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    Abusive Chat :(

    Useless complaining :bad: :bad: just ignore
  2. It happaned to me before(we must set our own email and psssword) Report to support,give all your char details(things only u know) this way i recover my acc....good luck
  3. I will choose the OP one class ;D
  4. i bought 3 old rune def for 45k :yahoo: and sold one for 50k ;D
  5. Do u want a list of everyone who has account in both side??
  6. Idk why sometimes when i cross the same area my acc log out and app closes...it isnt a phone problem cuz it happaned in pc too...it doesnt happen always well....does someone have this problem too??? If no one doesnt, i will check my phone/pc
  7. Some skills from another game Berserker Class Skills Active Skills Annihilating Spin (Level 12): An unstoppable 360 degree attack, damaging and pushing back all nearby foes. Bloodmoon Howl (Level 15): The scream of a madman. Enemies within range become infected with fear or paralysis. Crippling Strike (Level 18): Sacrifice 10% of your HP to inflict a crushing blow, stunning and knocking back your enemies. Unholy Strength (Level 21): Gain a damage bonus with 2H weapons. At skill level 7, 2H weapons can be wielded with a single hand. Passive Skills Berserker Rage (Level 12): Deal more damage when your health is below 35% Bloodlust (Level 15): Each enemy you slay will increase your damage for a short time. Toughness (Level 18): Increase your maximum health points. No Mercy (Level 21): Each successfully landed attack increases your attack and running speed.
  8. when i finished a quest...i was teleported to pvp cave......it was full of elves...i guy hit me with arrow but stopped....was it a challenge?? i didnt attack bcuz lots of elves ps.: the guy was lvl16....it would be unfair battle :(
  9. :blush: thanks...newbie player here
  10. Ive seen many ppl talking about "agro" when fight or farm...could anyone explain to me please... :pardon: how it works? Thnx :blush:
  11. Thats a big problem...and few ppl higher lvl like helping skip quest til u find help(if u can)
  12. no...i mean healers are target of enemy faction...bcuz witouth healer is hard doing quest
  13. Using skill u got this high crit...nice but a ranger hit me using Blessing and got 1042! + 1042! :facepalm: i have 1300def :bad: imagine if were a bat
  14. Very Good Topic :drinks: Now i can rise my shaman wisely tnhx
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