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  1. Rich ranger attacks me 300 per hit, the double should be 150, like this: 300 (normal) + 150 (double) = 450 dmg blessing skill, Imagine the ranger has high penetration and critical, with 5th blessing, just stand shooting 1 hit done. Wtf GM very stupid!!!
  2. After i getting scattered, i charged him but why he was still able to attack?
  3. OK, the first, this is OP rangers
  4. Swear!!! I can kill rogue lv20 with his very shining weapon, i just scatter him with door! Door! Then i run back with my trap, Door! Door! Again! OMG! I love and really enjoy with ranger, but i doubt that this game becomes unbalanced..
  5. hey guys, i have high level ranger (lv19) by buying from someone in emerald, OMG! I have partner with paniic (ranger) and sometimes with haloo (ranger) too, very amazing, we just took 1 step, we won! Yeah always victory!! How stupid shaman with lv17 wpn cant kill me hahaha.. but i ever met suprememan wow my total damage is 6000+ in fight result, very big def of that barbarian hahaha...
  6. Hello, after trying a ranger, i feel like instant killer xDD.. different with my barbarian with my +9 amplified but still KO. Now i have a ranger lv13 with almost +7 all armors its good enough, i can kill shaman lv20 easily in war xDD. Pls dont change anything of ranger xDD.. ranger forever :*
  7. Too many users login at the same time, it makes the server getting overload of traffic, that's why server is going to slow down in connection
  8. While waiting for the end of maintenance, let's go to forum for real gamers http://maniac-gamerz.tk there is a very important about all mobile online games, use google translate!
  9. And the multiboxer will be happy, he will use two char (MC & elf) then kill himselves to gain point lol
  10. thx for the answers, i can kill ranger easily only if he is with BD or druid as his partner, but im trouble facing 2 rangers, they always pushed and trapped me like hell. And i really hate shaman as my partner, the shaman always died 1st :(
  11. hi, im barbarian, i spent a lot of miracle coins to make my gears and weapon better, almost my gears are +9 amplified, im still level 9 and im using best armors at godgorrat town 1 of 1st island, i bought the expensive items with gold i got from selling my miracle items. I always won on arena but the problem when met two rangers and i saw their wpn is low amplify (not much shining), but just with 1, 2, 3 hits i died, he just stand up and scattered me then i used charge to him but he still could attack, i didn't even have a chance to attack, i saw my partner shaman he died fastly, its too weird fighting with rangers, i regret spending money but always lost fighting with ranger :(
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