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  1. Snorlax, this is the answer, the point is who selling that item they will get exchanged value like huge gold or mcoins so they can buy something to make stronger than buyer, its obviously, many sellers have high amplify on their gears, so whats a problem snorlax? pls answer!
  2. Never! Don't expect it too much cuz obviously Dev never care about balance.
  3. Byebye iOS, very funny that iOS which were very far from noob symbian but not compatibel for warspear, hmm.. Go noob symbian Go haha! Symbian is still best.
  4. like i said, they aren't creative in creating item style, they should learn more about design not only earning/stealing money from the game.
  5. Yes right, they aren't creative in creating weapon styles, only they can do is with different color of weapons, look at this, a variety cutest ranger's bows:
  6. Hammer has speed bonus stat that is very unlogic weapon, hammer is heavy weapon with high damage but in warspear not only high damage but also fast cuz enable speed on it.
  7. and important thing is never look at rogue's critical, Yes it looks 1500! Crit on Rabbit, but never see rogue does 1500! on BD with 3K HP and 3K def, many average rogues only do 900! Crit on BD, its funny looking BD vs Rogue when BD using SAP, rogue only does 150 atk while BD can do 250 atk, but i love it.. Cuz i start playing BD now and i know its unbalance, please never nerf it, i wanna see many MCs crying haha... I think which were making BDs powerful is only on hamstring with very high DOT while other melee can't do that.
  8. Wanna see how BD can kill rogue at the same level and gears? Go to PVP cave, behind granite cave, so many BDs owning all melee class, i'm happy that BD is best melee in game with highest DOT, cuz GM loving it too, so never nerf it! okay.
  9. Rune of healing, fortitude or resilience, should be available for enchantement of staffs. Some mage doesn't have dodge stats cuz its not really effectif, only getting 10% dodge is just a junk, useless thou.
  10. stivemob

    Bye Warspear

    i can't afford and survive playing this game now since no SMS payment for buying repair scrolls, the nortland quests are making my items broken so often, now all my gold was gone for buying repair scrolls, now my items were 0 durability after doing some quests a whole day and get junk item reward, how poor i am, it seems i should quit the game and leave all my friends in game, hope you lucky all, no more beholder shaman that was epic in EU :'(
  11. Not only necro heal but also all heal of healers class.
  12. My prediction: Many quests with some questions that you have to choose the correct answer, if wrong answer it means you are failed and you have to repeat the quest from the beginning, remember about some common language, you have to read conversation in the quests carefully, thats why it needs your skill, brain and luck.
  13. Every update, always and always good for elves, let's see! * Quest in elfs side is easier * War zone in elf side is near town/statue, so they can come back so fast * They will forget to disable axe for paladin * They will forget to improve mage/warlock skill * They will forget to add BG amulet for mage/warlock * They never change blessing skill to DOT, all class has DOT, but only ranger has buff thats really not fair. If rogue has critical buff but... :(
  14. * Paladin has multiple high sun DOT while DK only one dark damage extra * Paladin has multiple long stun while DK only one single stun and its so fast (1 sec stun, f**k) * Paladin can heal himself and his partner while DK only can increase dmg 250 to 280, 30 damage extra, paladin can heal 200+ * Paladin has many kind of weapons, hammers, kind of maces (good looking), paladin even can use axe while DK only use spear, one-handed and shield and spear is like DOg penis * This is your stu***d game, never balance. Developers only focus to elfs side, so you as mountain clan never satisfied. Maklumlah mreka kan urang utan, dah bukan mnusia lagi tp kewan
  15. @crossfit yes rogue only can kill low level in 1 critical hit but in same level u can't do that, most high levels have more def and more dodge but only ranger still can kill high level players in 1 hit cuz of blessing (7 dmg total in 3 sec).
  16. Dear players, We have to cancel this update on september, because we don't have enough money to make some update in this month. Stay tunned, the update is planned on October, please support us by buying miracle coins, sorry for the inconvenience. LOL.....
  17. This is rating OP class 1st, ranger 2nd, shaman 3rd, druid *Ranger, instant killer *Shaman, untouchable *Druid, best kitter Rogue is very easy to be killed when they are out of stealth (attack mode), they can't use stealth till rogue success gouging, and two OP class can detect the invisible, the result most rogue fail and lv5 gouge still has a chance to fail, too bad. Druid vs rogue, rogue totaly fail, lv10 druid even can kill lv20 rogue and now with DOT of insect swarm makes rogue slowing down running and stop by root, poor melee.
  18. lol its only promo, i saw many people promo their account in trade chat, till they not sell/trade in real time, just only saying or spamming, i think its not a problem, cuz all people can say that.
  19. Yes another skills are working 100% but its not instant kill, just noob DOT, different with blessing, its not 100% but its instant kill.
  20. Many rangers with high amp arena bow are already OP, imagine if they are using high amped bow of sudden doom, 0,00001 sec kill. Warloack and necro are a bit hard to kill elfs which elfs have 4% of dark resistance and most of them are using cloack of abyss zealot, mantle of abyss, chased ring, delicate ring that giving more dark resistance, warlock only good for killing their allies (mclan) in arena :( :bad:
  21. 458_Italia: --- Quote from: Blueborn on 18 September 2012, 20:48:21 ---I like both.. but prefer my bow. :blush: Speed is almost everything for a ranger, if you have great defence then go crossbow. --- End quote --- yes u are right. Speed is so important for ranger actually its important for other classes too but for ranger more important. for example look bellato he has +10 arena cbow . he sometimes kills me in 2 hit. but he cant change target so fast thats why he lose ;D . i have +8 doom bow it has 5.2% speed. so i have total 20% speed. it gives me advantage. i raped many rogues by 1 hit :dirol: 8)
  22. Critical of rogue is very rare, especially against high level players and high amped and high resillience, many shamans can still survive from two rogues with high swords but 0.5 sec what the hell by two rangers.
  23. About ranger 1. High critical 2. High speed 3. Double damage 4. Stun for melee, detect stealth 5. Knockback 6. Evation (dodge/parry) Only this class can deal 2-3K damage in a sec, no class can do that. About warlock 1. High critical 2. Low speed 3. Low defense 4. Low HP 5. Small DOT 6. Small healing 7. Stun 8. Knockback 9. No evation 10. Low health regeneration Double damage with high amp bow is totaly destroying the game, no class can defeat any class in a sec except ranger.
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