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  1. lol rainbow is gay symbol
  2. i agree with kimimaro, many scammers in game and you must know that scammers is not only in game but they are living in this forum too, so who posting negative comments or disagree, they are obviously veteran scammers
  3. By seeing the seller name so we can negociate or re-offer to the seller via PM, we can send a PM to them or make other way for trading, like i want to trade my valuable item for your item that being offered in shop :)
  4. Mage has great suicide skill, its called like kamikaze, teleport - ilusory - stone --> BOOM!!!! I saw many times when Mcs camping the bridge, the suicider mage using the last deadly skill, kamikaze ---> BOOM!!!!
  5. Raise dodge up to lv5 at low level char (level 10 - 15) is totaly fail cuz low level char with spesific dodge stat on gears are not enough to make dodging any atk, at least your dodge should reach minimal 25+ (inc. Skill)
  6. i have a bit tactic for warlock, if you have a partner with rogue or necromancer, so Never use plash of darkness! because rogue's gouge or necro's nightmare will be disappered, but when you have a partner like barbar, shaman, DK, you should put plash 1st near a bridge or the middle area to detect invisibility or to make agro and step back then stun them :)
  7. Well, i start posting new topic because its incomplete if only discussion about best shaman in US. Here is best shaman list in EU: 1. Spanish; full BG sets, full lv18 sets, semi rich player, playing with PC, fast crossing, skill build: lv1 ball, lv5 blind, lv5 earth, lv5 heal Spanish vs knox = spanish won. 2. Eikishi (indonesia), high amped, good control, always using berengar of fury sets 3. Blackbn (indonesia), non-rich player, good tactic, good pvp 1v1 Pls post more best shamans in EU according your mind here.. :)
  8. Well, after analysing about norlant reward, is you all got fooled by damned GM, like marcin said, all reward selection isn't random but it contains percentage ratio to get a chance, and maybe you have only 1% chance to get valuable items and you have 99% chance to get rubbish items, when you get rubbish item, all item will be AUTO shown in other slots, haha you are fooled!! Emang enak dibodohi GM wkwkwkwk
  9. Yea you are right, darksoul. Barrier and fear are really wanted, both skill must be lv5 (untouchable mode)
  10. Yeah because i never heard life exhaust can deal 2K in few hit but blessing can do that, thats why i call life exhaust is noob skill compared other skills. Life exhaust vs healing skill : ofc #1 healing best Life exhaust vs blessing : ofc #1 blessing best Oh look BDs have 100+ regen, your noob life exhaust skill almost not effect to them, different about blessing that can drain the tanker's HP to 50% in few hits, really funny. Warlock with build: life exhaust, fear and arrow is totaly same with shaman but warlock is loser cuz life exhaust vs shaman's healing its obviously far away. Look this build! Shaman: Warlock: Moon Arrow Blind Fear Healing Life exhaust So if you choose warlock's build above, you are underpowered of shaman. But with dark circle is the only one best skill in game, no stun skills can stun all enemy axcept dark circle (barrier) and only warlocks have it and can do that.
  11. @darksoul ll you are smart :) Yeah, same with me i was wondering that warlock will be able to receive life which its same as output damage (250 dmg output + 250 heal input) like blessing do (250 output + 250 output) but i was stupid selfish the fact the life exhaust skill isn't like that and isn't like what i imagine, so i spent money to reset that noob skill, now i have same bulid with yours, darksoul :)
  12. im playing warlock since releasing new faction and i have ever tried to reset my skills cuz i was regret having life exhaust skill in my top list, now i leave it at lv1 but i still use lv1 life exhaust for adds-on and i have two high stun level skills to be untouchable, i even go naked in arena when getting high amp partner, i just use only staff and i just spam my two disable skills and sure i let my partner doing more damage to defeate them, its easy and i still do that, 99/100 victory :)
  13. You totaly wrong. I saw many warlocks have been reseting skill for maximizing dark circle and leave life exhaust at lv1. You need proof? Lets see: 1. While using life exhaust its not mean enemy can't atk u but they have a free to stun back or atk with higher damage than your DOT, you deal with +100 DOT but you receive higher +500 dmg from others. 2. While putting a barrier or blind, you have a chance about 5 sec to deal more damage with no damage from others cuz they are geeting stunned, you can be even untouchable and never give a chance for healer to use heal skill, both cooldown bettween max barrier and max fear is only has very few sec so you can repeat the both skills and never give a chance for enemy to use any skills.
  14. @reaperxox you are right. Max all stun skill (dark circle, fear) is giving a chance for me to deal more dmg than fail skill like noob life exhaust. I have tried to use life exhaust but it gives enemy a chance to stun and atk me and i just deal + 80 DOT but i receive high dmg from other players, so i really notice that life exhaust is noob ever. Fortunetely, i quickly reset life exhaust and max my other stun skills, now im better :)
  15. The best warlock ive ever seen in game is with bulid max fear, max dark circle and max arrow. With max fear skill warlock can kill healer class like druid and shaman. Life exhaust is totaly fail skill to beat a healer class. You should set two-disable skills and MUST be maximized (dark circle + fear) both skill is very wanted remembering you are not shaman or druid. If you just have max only fear or only dark circle, better dont play cuz u will never win against shaman or druid or other healers.
  16. build: max life exhaust, max fear, max arrow is fail too, u cant survive if just only blinding 1 target. So dont dont miss to max dark circle and throw the noob life exhaust to the sea, u want get +100 heal or you will get attacked by 500+ dmg? Change ur mind!
  17. life exhaust is fail skill. Dark circle is best skill in game which cant compare with other stun skills in game, if you are warlock without dark circle, so go die and loser.
  18. There is no way, Dev has nerfed it!
  19. Druid + BD in arena is the worst partner, druid will die easily cuz rogue will gouge BD or shaman will blind BD or ranger will trap and scatter BD, so druid can't survive facing 2 opponents but ranger + ranger in arena is best partner, if lucky they can be done only in a sec fighting if 2 rangers are focus 1 target with duo blessing, pufff...
  20. After doing analytic all MMO games only warspear with stupid melee skills, i browse on google all melee class have a range skills and speed to cach and avoid enemy. Rogue: throwing poison, suriken, moving speed Paladin: holy cross, grand cross Barbarian: Hurricane, cyclon slash, BD: Daggers swing Look this video, its from dragon nest online: mage vs warrior mage win warrior win
  21. i'm mountain clan and i'm very happy got bow of sudden doom, cuz i can sell it to stupid ppl in this forum with 150K or 10K mcoin, not only buyer will be stronger but as a seller i would be able to buy everything i want, so i will be stronger than buyer haha...
  22. wow prettypinay! U kid can't figure it out what the meaning of "enemy" is. All is enemy, mc is enemy for elf and elf is enemy for mc, who is enemy? Enemy get stronger so its not mean for only one faction but all faction could be stronger. Try to learn more, your analytic is zero.
  23. And the second point is if both faction can do that, whats a problem? U think unfair? if you're smart u should know that, but unlucky, i can't imagine how you are.
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