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  1. By releasing lv17 arena weapon, all cc weapons that need months to earn cc and lab weapons that very hard to get and dooms with super expensive price are now a junk cuz lv17 arena weapon can be on hand just by spending the cheaper arena tickets. Seriusly lv17 arena weapon is really giving big huge unbalanced.
  2. It happens in EU, very dengerous meeting shaman+warlock party in arena, it seems that warlocks become new idol and making elfs crying in peace xD. By combining 2 shamans + 3 warlocks or 3 shamans + 2 warlocks, oh thats so exciting!
  3. i agree with kimimaro, all arena gears are better than dooms now, how sad after buying doom for 150K or trading for 50 signs, now arena lv17 weapons are extreamely better than doom weapon, just wasting arena tickets with cheaper price than signs.
  4. Negative effect of earthquake: * it may effect to dodge * fail casting target, waste energy * after casting, losing target While bee doesn't have negative effect, it works 100%, no failure, great to kill single target and great for BOSS farming while earthquake is frecuently RESIST on BOSS wondering just wanna decrease BOSS's attack speed like bees do but can't.
  5. Woooam.... Go to pvp cave and see how OP druid defeating shaman 1v1. Druid is king of single killer with longest time of root than earthquake
  6. Druid is already OP, druid is best pvp 1v1 even with shaman, the longest root making melee totally cant touch, the best kitting of druid is very OP. With multi root, druid will easily kill 2 melees at same time, druid 2v1 GOD!
  7. stivemob


    EU: more strongest Mc and forsaken is here, the elves even can't reach Mc caravan in war battle but Mc always camp on their bridge for fours they even destroy their caravan so frecuently, the top arena lv15-20 is owned by Mc since the beginning, and the most rich players and the most having lv18 items are in Mc too but sadly they always lose if doing war in BG, the elves respawn so fast from camp riff that making them tired walking too far from legion, but when warlock is rising up, only the warlocks can hold all the army of elves and saving Mc from the massive death.
  8. Like new "kali" class in dragon nest online, playing with wand and fan xD
  9. @blueborn if Dev adding more slots or number item per slots, is it would be problem for you? Or you afraid not able to scam ppl anymore? By trying to sell doom wpn for 80 signs, after you receive 50 signs then you gone.
  10. Earthquake is somtimes dodge (fail dmg), you can't compare your bee vs earthquake, cuz the bees are already OP to make our speed become minus (-) especially against shaman with 3.1 sec atk speed of staff becoming 7 sec atk speed, wtf.
  11. the scammers don't want more slots in trading so they can continue jurney of scam.
  12. Stupid fail skill it just makes us angry and wanna throw the phone. Barbar's tactic is even worse, by using taunt and run a few step to charge but it needs high mana in total (two skills) and when charge failed its cooldown very long. Its reality not fake while BD only use one skill and cooldown so fast
  13. im not whinning about BD, but the reality is saying that BD is too strong vs all melee class. Imagine the BD attack 250 with hamstring becoming 400 total dps, how come the highest defense can do highest dps?
  14. i agree with bloodylipa, many arrogant BDs owning pvp cave 1v1 all time. How sad looking BD is king when beating barbar in pvp cave. BD now very strong melee + higher DOT if compared to barbar + higher parry if compared to barbar + high HP + high def + faster attack if compared to barbar + higher damage if compared to rogue (without skill) THEY THINK BY LOOKING TOP ARENA, THE BARBAR IS OVERPOWERED BUT ACTUALLY BARBAR IS WEAK AT AVERAGE AMP COMPARED TO BD, THE TOP ARENA BARBAR IS JUST RICH WITH +10 AMP AND SPAMMING TICKETS.
  15. @blueborn your suggestion isn't for here, it should be posted to buy/sell acc that required by giving password or data acc. This suggestion is how to prevent scammer due to limited slots for trading not buying acc, try to learn, go back to school.
  16. Dont forget BD can make attack 400 dps with hamstring: 250 + 150 (1 sec) + 250 + 150 (1 sec) its like 400 + 400, BD with high HP n high def can do very high dmg and it happens only in warspear.
  17. Indonesia is one of the largest population, but sadly, many indonesian can't effort playing this game without buying mcoin, most of them quiting at level 12 and many of them are noob and poor, only 1 2 3 ppl surviving till max level but still noob. JUST ALERT! No coin, hacking coming xD
  18. OMG didn't you know that Dev is downgrading barbarian in time to time, all class has skill improved like hamstring can do very high DOT while barbar's chop can do 2000+ DOT. By looking TOP arena they think barbar is overpowered but actually the TOP is only rich with +10 amp, in average amped barbar is weak compared to BD.
  19. I see there is no hero barbar in pvp cave, all is owned by BDs, and only high amped rogue can defeate average amped BD, in same gears, rogue can only do attack 150 dps while BD can do 500+ dps caused hamstring and SAP. I saw many times BD getting most victory in this case.
  20. If any attack can break the fear, so fear skill should be used for escape only or for stunning 1 enemy in arena, but about 1v1 fear seems useless cuz no need to run when fighting 1v1 pvp cave. Im planning to raise lv5 circle lv4 puddle n lv2 fear, just for fun in war battle. I think lv2 fear is enough to knockback enemy in few steps then use circle after that xD
  21. Warlock is support class, they can be a damage dealer or annoyer, the most helpful class in war is only warlock, they can block all enemy in crossing or bridge for longer time. Warlock has better accuracy than critical cuz their BG sets first bonus is accuracy
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