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  1. Wow this is interesting :good: I think ill try out something ;D good luck all :give_rose:
  2. I was just in pt with him thinking it was u ;D but yes I'm for it :blush:
  3. Lol u guys just aren't asking the rite people :blush: an I always get asked wen I'm busy :bad: wen I'm standing in town not doing shit or doing a quest an u see me alone I'm free to help :aggressive: ill make other bit**es come if they on :spiteful: Would be entertaining to watch :good:
  4. Lol hahahhahahah why would I do tht I mean I already have tons mc chars but they for chatting, I left mc side back in dec 2011, elf is where my family is at, even though many went mc lol, but I only would have one reason to go back to mc, an u know what tht is, so no worries. An who's gona lvl our mage if u don't :blush:
  5. I say no on this idea, because chainless being hard makes people have to work together an that good thing :aggressive:
  6. Oh shit he's on to me :mega_shok: QUICK GET THE WITNESS PROTECTION AGENCY BACK ON THE PHONE :shout:
  7. Makes my day wen people call me noob but yet can't beat me :rofl: :blush: but tht would make them a noob also rite :shok: guess people's logic these days ::)
  8. My question is would high accuracy help towards critical :unknw: I've been playing a char other than my druid an I noticed they seemed to of do critical a lot so I looked at the critical an noticed it was lower than my Druid's by 3% but the accuracy was way higher than my Druid's. So which has made me believe tht high accuracy would help with critical. An being a druid being able to heal crit a lot is helpful ;D
  9. :shok: so happy u picked eu :blush: nice stats :good:
  10. Where can we put our entries :blush:
  11. ;D why I only go with the clan or with my peps, once I get my druid its smock deep lab all day :lol:
  12. :yahoo: :cray: :clapping: :friends:
  13. Hahahahahahahaha great job boss :lol:
  14. Lol how much does tht last on happen :pardon:
  15. When bored kill mcs over an over wait for tht sweet hate pm :blush: its what wakes me up in the moring :give_rose:
  16. I always miss the group photos :facepalm:
  17. Am I the only one questioning if thts the same person or not :unknw:
  18. Wo wo wo wait we can change names :shok: Can I get tht "T" capitalized in my name :blush: I didn't mean for it be lower case :'( thanks :good:
  19. timeuss


    I tested it while back an to me seems to be better than norm def, y I put relsi on my druids gears an just amped them also so id have resli an reg def, some say its not an well its what u wana believe if u wana test it go ahead, how I tested was with arena belt an lab belt with them being the same amp kept my def the same one just had more resli than the other, an for the crit chance idk how much it helps all ik is tht it does ;D
  20. timeuss

    Server down?

    We all could switch to online uno :unknw: or rock paper scissors :aggressive:
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