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  1. Can't for the life of me see how to upload GIFs in the signature :unknw:
  2. Now u are going to go on an argue with her :facepalm: :nea: :facepalm:
  3. I see you again didn't read what I put :facepalm: U saw caps an assume I'm mad :facepalm: I see ur just one of those people who think they are rite all time :facepalm: An while I was typing that I didn't see what u or sapp said :facepalm: If u want to leave its ur choice
  4. Ok hero I will ask you do u even read what you or ur sweetie puts or do u just respond to what I say, an I was informed by another member of u taken their farm but he came to me an we talked of it. Unite clearly said WHEN MY PARTY ARRIVED (do I need to put it bold for u?) Which to my understanding means when she came. Now how can he steal her farm if he was there first. An u say u weren't there so ok u how'd u have the place to tell him ur a higher rank an he should leave cause o tht (now ik those weren't ur exact words but same thing) all the things u said an unite said isn't helping u in ur argument it is clearly working against you. So stop with the uneeded back talk and drop it. I will say this an u just need to be dun with it. What I am goin to say goes for everyone. Under me atleast. 1 IF U USE UR HIGHER RANK TO INTIMIDATE OR GET OTHER MEMBER TO LEAVE AN AREA, FARM, OR CHAT I WILL USE MY KICK ON YOU 2 IF U TRY TO STEAL OR DISTURB A MEMBERS FARM I WILL USE MY KICK ON YOU 3 IF YOU TALK NEGATIVELY OF ANOTHER MEMBER SUCH AS THEIR RACE, GENDER, OR RELIGIOUS BACKGROUND I WILL BRING UP WITH LEGION AN IF HE OKS IT I WILL USE MY KICK ON YOU 4 I AM NOT GOING TO KICK ANYONE OFF FOR ANY OF THESE REASONS JUST BY ONE PERSONS WORDS THAT WOULD BE INSANE OF ME U MUST HAVE EVIDENCE SCREEN SHOTS WORK BEST I HAVE AN EMAIL OR OTHER WAYS U CAN SHOW ME. UNITE AN HERO KNOW ONE THAT I WONT KICK YOU TWO U JUST HAPPEN TO BE THE UNLUCKY EXAMPLES AN KNOW IF THE THINGS THT YOU SAID IF THEY LEANED TOWARDS UR FAVOR THEN I WOULD HAVE SPOKEN WITH BALDER. BUT AS OF THIS POINT I WANT YOU TWO TO DROP IT AN IF ANYONE GIVES U PROBLEMS SCREEN SHOT IT AN SHOW LEGIONN ME OR CHAMPZ YOU DONT HAVE TO PUT ON THE FORUM PAGE LOVE, TIMEUSS (GOOD DAY ALL)
  5. First: saw it nice art work :good: Second: ok if ud like I can bring this ordeal to a conclusion or keep going if ud like I'm all for giving people options and please watch what u say
  6. Hahahaha I take it he was built :lol: smart company
  7. :rofl: id use $100 as a distraction :lol: then take the ring, cause he'd pause for min looking at u askin himself if ur dumb as hell :rofl:
  8. Well wen u put it tht way :blush:
  9. I would have thrown tht shit across the room :nea: :bad:
  10. There is a keyboard u can load? Was never told :facepalm:i
  11. O ok so now hero was there but I thought he said he wasn't an I did read it clearly you said when my pt arrived which means he was there and u showed up correct? An if so what I also read was tht hero said he was higher rank an trying to get him to leave which I though he said he wasn't there, maybe u guys should do some rereading an think before post because hero clearly started tht he used his rank trying to get balder to leave an unite clearly started that her pt showed up to Balder's farm. Do we continue this or can I give my end statements
  12. U can't leave the lab problem out because that is where I'm seeing ur saying he disrespected you from what you have started about it though I'm missing the part where he disrespected you an I'm seeing the part where you are trying to abuse ur "power" so that ur friend can take a farm from another member because if u were not there that is essentially what you are doing
  13. U can't come an try to steal someone's farm an throw that u are a higher rank than them it is human morals I'm looking at here An u to bring up that u are higher rank than him just to get him to leave is bullshit I won't let happen 1 cause no human morals there at all 2 I wouldn't nor champz nor legionn would do it 3 u to say he has no respect because u came to take his farm please explain to me how you let that make sense to you because this beyond my comprehension An did you say you do this to other members? Rhetorical question
  14. From what queen said is that she arrived an Balder's party was there An what u stated was that u said that u told him that u are higher rank than him So now what u are saying is that he showed up, an that he brought up the ranks?
  15. Ok what I read for these 2 quotes are that balder stole farm but queen says u came an they were farming. Also tht u hero are trying to use ur clan rank to steal farm from another member 1 For a higher clan member to use his/her higher rank to take from another I can an wont tolerate 2 You 2 blew this out of proportion you one could have personaly spoke to legionn Champz or me, two didn't have to have queen say anything because what I read from her was tht u came an tried to steal Balder's farm, when there is 2 of every boss. 3 I think u took this to the point where ur making legionn pick between 2 of his members which I won't have, this is something u 2 could have pmed one of us about an something I see children arguing about. Love, Timeuss
  16. Lol kupi lvl 15 ;D memories :'(
  17. :rofl: u must not know me an cat very well, I can't guarantee tht :rofl:
  18. Just was makin sure didn't step on any toes :aggressive: no need for more frienmies
  19. Kk ;D, an cat will always have a dumb reply an if dumb enough I will reply :pardon:
  20. Idk if u for real or joken But we were just jokein :unknw:
  21. Lol kaw we was just jokein is the shit we do, an I'm not lonely :lol: An lady the D is D*ck
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