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  1. -_- and people cried tornado was a problem, yet damages once, i was ok with the damage nerf, but then they nerfed area :give_rose: this all seems 100% fair
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84OIuVdurUQ I don't know about anyone else but this will be the game that causes me to not open ws for a long time ;D , ima be playing it on ps4 alot of my friends an ws friends will be join me as well. Hell if ur interested in joining me let me know always glad to meet new people :friends: it wont be out anytime soon though, probably not till fall 2015, just gives me time to save up cash to spend within it if possible 8)
  3. :facepalm: what! I don't like this at all. Please don't go through with it
  4. I cannot find the option to buy mcoins via Google play, and I'm using a android phone :unknw:
  5. Well I'm glad I didn't go to tower :lol: feel sorry for the pt who went
  6. Should add me on psn as well :drinks:
  7. :) We can't quit, the day you hit lvl 15 or payed a cent, you signed part of your life over to this game :rofl: I've tried quit so many times. Only a handful have gotten out. Ur top ranger on US sever therefore you simply never can leave :spiteful: Stay strong man ;)
  8. :facepalm: I didn't touch the signs, I don't have any use for them, so don't point fingers at me :nea:
  9. Now u have gained the right to stand in town, hours upon end doing nothing while the newbies shout for help, ahh but if one of these newbies ask u specifically for help do not panic, use the "I Busy" card you can ur lvl 20 [Thought process of many high lvl elf on us-sapphire] :facepalm: :rofl: (Congrats) :good:
  10. timeuss

    Getting Bored

    Listen to this guy, he is wise
  11. timeuss

    Say wat?

    Try spending the day one elf side of US-sapphire :facepalm: you must drop your IQ LVL to understand most of what is going on :facepalm:
  12. :rofl: :rofl: This is what the people want :bad: >:D
  13. Have nice life, know we didn't see eye to eye at times, but I still wish u well :good:
  14. I'm having no luck trying to download from my phone or tablet from google play store :(
  15. Hmmm I can do 20mins :spiteful: u just got more money outa me :blush:
  16. My only question is how long will they last, untill death? 1min? 10mins? Hr?
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