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  1. lol you are a up and coming cree no doubt there form what ive seen.



    i agree with the whole this gen relying on amps an dont know how to use their class, ive seen many druids who are higher ampped than me an kite and will still lose, then i go to pvp standing still an will kick ass :lol: , i know im not the best druid but when your a meele class losing to a durid (not EVEN IN HIS FINAL FORM  :aggressive: ) [/size]tells me im doin something right i guess :spiteful:

  2. [spoiler=Normal hit]Screenshot_2014-10-22-07-53-09.png



    [spoiler= Normal hit with pull]Screenshot_2014-10-22-07-03-51.png



    [spoiler=Damage skill crit with pull]Screenshot_2014-10-22-07-21-46.png


    [spoiler=Normal hit with super powers]Screenshot_2014-10-22-07-42-07.png


    [spoiler=Damage skill with super powers]Screenshot_2014-10-22-07-46-26.png

    (Hard to see because it was fading away, but its 1352 without crit)









    :cray:  I think ima move to Eu, so many people to pvp its beautiful  ;D

  3. so when the other classes subjects coming ;D :facepalm: , any ranger can be good in my eyes, this class takes no skill at all whatsoever, any ranger can become good, just my opinion, "Ths Skilless Class" :tease:

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