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  1. We shud receive free costumes at the daily mail chest 8)
  2. Co-op Work ! :friends: Change my karma +1 plz :good: @Crossfit: I didnt copied,, theyre very different ,, in a way :D
  3. But iam the real *smart[glow=red,2,300]PhoneGuy !![/glow]LOL ;D Anyways, good pic' Necrolyte ! :clapping:
  4. ...::: Chat dos Brasileiros :::... "Esse tópico foi criado para que os Player Brasileiros possam conseguir ajuda com quests, e criar novos amigos br, até porque é mais facil para aquelas pessoas que entendem pouco de ingles (como eu) conseguirem ajuda" Se voce é BR e precisa de ajuda, peça aqui alguem vai te ajudar !! :rofl: Se voce veio só pra conversar, sinta se a vontade :)
  5. [glow=red,2,300][tt]Puts , nem uma screenzinha de nada?[/tt][/glow]
  6. Eita phora :shout: , vamo jogar todos de MC no server EMERALD , pra ownar o rabo desses FB
  7. Phoneguy

    New idea

    Hey guys , Chrono gave me an idea in his topic http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=60123.0 I think we should have mining ability and weapons craft [ srry badenglish
  8. Lower levels should get higher reward, cuz it will be more difficult 8)
  9. Wow good, i play on my mobile and its good , Btw, if u hv mc character pm me and we can help each other ;D
  10. Damn Lag :diablo: If i could i kill thousand ! :)
  11. Hey, dont worry about time, the maintenance can take all day 8) Sorry for poor english :cray:
  12. Hey, levelling up with quests exp takes mmuch time, and some quests makes us kill many mobs for miserous 6 exp :facepalm: if we atleast could earn 2 exp each mob (sorry bad english)
  13. Loool necrossfit hahaha
  14. Ai , alguem level 15~20 pode me ajudar numas quests?
  15. Hey guys , when do warspear 3.0 will be released ?
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