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  1. Hmm, i think im gonna go to sapphire, help my mc friends kill those elfs... See ya all there ;)
  2. hey guys andro client is already updated from site? can i downlod it?Its saying server maintenance here i cant enter what i fo now ? android
  3. updated?
  4. They had looooooong months to work on it :facepalm:
  5. 10:19 brazil Lets wait for kuzmitch announcement telling update will be 27th..... 27th december :facepalm:
  6. Today is 26th july and game still no updat.!!!!! plz MAAKE ITT FAASSSTTT!!!!!! :aggressive: :pardon:
  7. HEY MAN Yo no soy level bajo jajajajajaja
  8. Yea new way to AiGrind earn money Make a new Scroll ~> "Scroll of peace" that lets u be neutral to all factions for 12hours it should cost 1k Miracle coins and get disabled if u die for a mob :)
  9. kkk mano , sem chat entre as facções os cara ja fica só discutindo , imagine com .. pra ter chat entre facções devia diminui esses gringo q sao mt escroto e fica brigando em um jogo :facepalm:
  10. Somebody have to translate that site... im tired,, who want to do it ? XD
  11. Phoneguy


    :facepalm: Useless as broken clock
  12. i know what u do , level up a ranger and camp it there, when u see that BASTARD u kill him 8)
  13. i would like to have a Chrono trigger clothes-set
  14. Hi AiGrind team I wanna ask you one thing , we got Polskie and Turkçe Forums [ and the other forum area ,Русское сообщество] So i think we should have a Brazilian forum , since many players on emerald and saphire servers are brazilian, and maybe needing help, it will be easier to solve problems in a native language forum area, and i can be moderator though. Please create an Brazilian Forum Area ;) I want it because that some brazilians dont understand english and often exit game because cant find help :( ::) Cheers
  15. Phoneguy


    Astral soup - Instant level up! ;D ;D ;D
  16. LOL My nokia 5233 ; os = s60v5 Never crashed and i dont got any problem 8)
  17. maybe an Signal command, u press the button , and press in the desired area u want they attack it wud be a good idea , if u understand me :blush:
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