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  1. Are there any rules about trading gold between serves, Is it permissible to exchange gold to gold between factions? If it doesn't break the rules, is there a guild that can help and reliably exchange gold to gold between elves> mc and mc> elves besides themerc, Of course with tax for guild castle
  2. The leache guild can exchange gold elves to mc side ?
  3. I just found out that this quest is very sad
  4. Are themercs still providing gold exchange to mc side ?
  5. that pic from warspear wikia and already 4 year ago
  6. Will 450 achievement get some kind of costume or skin?
  7. whether themercs will sell the relic from the castle?
  8. pot increase heal 40% so helpful
  9. asus zenfone 5, lolipop 5.0, still appear sometime in 7.4.2 no working fine no,
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