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  1. There's 26 letters in English language and many of these letters matched to ur description so according to this every contestant in this contest copied ur description and ya one more thing i think patent of English language belongs to Raezer And Higgings all suits concepts are copied from somewhere so chill bro
  2. That one is just an Eagle and mine is Eagle king and similarity is just that both eagle and his costume is made up of metal and that one from platinum color of chest maybe same but that a new concept. So Chill guys
  3. Warriors of Arinar! I introduce to you... my costume, A costume which is a symbol of real power. This is a costume of an ancient king which is named as "Eagle King". This costume is made of pure Gold, Titanium,wool of the vicuña and 101 carat Red Diamonds. The crown of that costume is made of pure gold with 101 carat Red Diamond in it. Chest is made of Titanium that's why its color is bluish white, a big red diamond used in center Fancy Shoulders which is fully made of gold Cape is made of golden wool of the vicuña and two red diamonds are used to hold that cape from front side right below the shoulders White Skirt which is also made of wool of the vicuna Red Shoes made of leather Red Gloves I hope u like that costume
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