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  1. Besides, alot of people have toons on both factions. Nothing wrong with playing both sides.


    I'm a pure mc, something that is not going to change for me anytime soon, as I have no interest in the elf factions. However with all due respect Danitaly, I agree with Tannex here.


    Why crucify these people for simply having a character on both sides? Spy or hacker, that I'll understand. But theres really no need for this list: If one of our own switch to elf, I'd say treat them as any other elf (I barely remember a quarter of those I kill anyway). If they come back and confront me about killing them, I'd say "whoops".  :blush:

  2. Well... thinking back this probably was a misunderstanding on my part. Given false information I suppose I can't blame myself too much, but this part could have been handled differently. For that I apologize.


    However, the war attempt afterwards was what did it for me. Hope you win on friday Sneak.

  3. False information indeed, as that was the same story I kept hearing throughout the day as I waited for your go ahead since 1pm. No offense intended, was merely stating what I seen and heard. :unknw:


    Plus the main reason I left came after, but thats a different story.  :facepalm:

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