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  1. Zhu, I have sandy blonde hair. :facepalm:
  2. Cerberus is mainly a tactical pvp-based clan. So if you're joining just to get a quick drop, prepare to be disappointed. However, if you're an MC/Forsaken that is frusterated with lack of organization and hates being bested by pointy ears all the time, or you just have a lust for Elf/Chosen blood, you have come to the right place. For recruitment, we're mostly looking for: - Players who are able to listen to instructions for strategy is a must - Having bloodlust for Elves/Chosen are a plus - Willing to help fellow MC is a plus - Dual sided players are welcome If interested, pm me or Zhuronghu in-game. Or leave me a message on the clan website: http://cerberus-clan.guildlaunch.com/
  3. Don't piss in my ear and tell me its raining. Most of my raids and attacks in elfland were done alone, and I'm not even an "imbalanced class" as Bramm rambles on about. Extremely rarely do I get an elf with enough guts to take me 1v1, like Champz did outside elf's t4 a long while back. Sure he lost and I was able to get away when others showed up, but I do give him props for it. Pvp signal first and a good fight. :good:
  4. Zythus


    So lets get this straight: you're opening up a hate topic over an incident with one group you won't explain. Why? I don't know... your "concrete evidence" is based on the experience of someone else. Because you won't tell us your direct involvement and keep evading questions about your name, you're keeping certain details away and only telling us what you want us to know. And because you threw a random assumption between Patah and Xeli based on nothing at all, your sense of respect is probably shit. Since you won't tell us the story, I'll guess it instead: You were probably nagging them to death about having a drop for yourself, they got sick of you and decided to kick you. You threw a childish pissy fit, and made this post. Here is my suggestion to you Jenny: grow up, and stop acting like a little child. When you have a problem with people in-game, deal with it yourself, or move on and get over it. Just because they won't do things your way doesn't mean you have to attempt to humiliate them, and make yourself look like a jackass while doing so.
  5. Apparently so. Makes perfect sense. Is that the comeback of the day now? "Oh yeah well guess what: you're a facebook game! Beat that." :wacko:
  6. Noob angry bird... All these minutes pass and this was the best insult you could come up with? :facepalm: Congratulations! Lmao You just made my mood from severe irritation to laughter. Thanks. :lol:
  7. Wow, not just me? Its area chat too. Can't say anything at all.
  8. Eat shit maggot. I don't have patience for you right now.
  9. I try to finish only 2 messages and this started happening! I closed the game and restarted twice, still happening! I cannot send any messages at all!!
  10. For me its not the 2 blocks thats the problem, the problem is stun failing so often. Then waiting for the long cooldown only to have it fail again.
  11. I had my hands full at that moment. Apparently reappearing after a month places quite a spotlight on your private chat. :wacko:
  12. :friends: Truth is after I left, things got quiet and boring fast. I tried to find something else to do, but failed. However, don't expect to see me too often. I got 2 jobs to keep up with now.
  13. Before the big update (the coming of wls, necros, palas, mages, etc.), I rarely ever complained about charge stun. But after the new classes came, the barbs only biggest weapon became the most unreliable and sometimes... downright irritating. Its like my chances of winning depend on whether charge stun works or not, and most of the time it doesn't. Pretty ridiculous :facepalm: I got a +10 spadone, full +8 armor with full resil, max charge and roar, and using all my skills to great effect... all this seemingly doesn't matter. Unless you can overpower your opponent on raw force alone, if your stun fails your chances are up a rat's ass. I've lost count on how many times I've danced around like an idiot, trying to taunt and create some distance to make charge work. And when it finally does, the stun fails and then I die soon after, feeling like a jackass. :aggressive: How can this be worked around? I've tried almost everything. Charge at the start? Ok, your stun fails (or works) and you usually die before the half minute cooldown is over. Charge after their stun? If it works its a great finisher or tableturner sure. But if it fails as usual, you're screwed altogether. Max chop instead of charge? Only works against laddering bds. Try that against a ranger or druid and they'll think you have a mental disorder...
  14. You pull funny stunts of your own (and fail at it), then complain on here that you keep getting killed. :facepalm:
  15. Winterbell is one of the main reasons I'm this strong now. Unfortunately I hear shes gone. :(
  16. Barb: ... (Foxlovevix I haven't seen enough times to know) Rogue: Afro Shaman: Patahhati (Nia and Desy) Deathknight: Deafknight Warlock: Reaperdark Necro: Kiyomi Bladedancer: Kaworu Ranger: Bellato Druid: Saffo (Frankly the only druid that gives me a hard time) Paladin: No special notes Mage: No special notes Priest: Bammbamm
  17. I've taught my friend personally on how to survive with barbs, so I highly doubt my friend is a pushover. ;)
  18. Zythus

    SO SAD...

    Amusing. Once I left, a whole lot of others decide to leave. lol But yeah people were bored before update. Once the swamps came, it became bluntly clear in 3 days where this game was headed. Most unity was lost, whoever got a lvl 18 weapon was wearing this face: :spiteful: , most thinking for themselves, frustration all around, any killing in swamps was considered a personal affront, low selling in market leads to making big gold nearly impossible, etc. I'll spare you a lot of detail, but even though I kinda miss ws, I just don't find this game fun anymore. So I turned my attention to more important things, and put Zythus in a tomb. No damn way I was going to delete or sell him.
  19. As for how I'm doing, things are getting back on track in short term. There is still much to do though, long ways to go. When I return, I'll have a lot of ideas in store.
  20. There is only one other person to my knowledge that has access to my character. Must've hopped on mine for a little bit... even though this person's barb is almost just as strong. :wacko:
  21. I'm entombing Zythus and leaving Warspear. I've put much thought into this. I felt it was time to go. Maybe one day I will return. But in the meantime, thank you guys for the memories shared on this game. I will remember you all. Selamat tinggal Abschied Wida Tam biet Adieu Despedida Farewell.. :give_rose: Here are a fraction of my memories I was able to capture.
  22. Hydra was surprisingly easy...
  23. Thats exactly what Lieukaka does.
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