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  1. I was fine with necro before new resistance it wasn't op but not that bad either. But now since new resi items i just cant pvp anymore i lose every pvp due to resist of my only stun that's why i complained
  2. Shaman and druid are support classes too but they are very strong pvp wise too necro is really the only class lacking
  3. Nah cant complain about barb range else they would get destroyed in arena and get kited so idk why people complain about barb range
  4. Well i got to the point that i dont see the fun in this game anymore since every other class is op. Necro has 1 expert skill that is totally useless its not good in pve or pvp faithful connection. So lets start with necro skill nightmare it puts the enemy to sleep for 8 secs at 5/5 im fine sith that but the point is it doesnt really work like a stun and the stop energy and hp regen isnt even worth it druid and dk can just heal back up. My suggestion on this is either stop their heals too or half their heals because i cant even dmg them while they are stunned and they will just heal back up When i meet druids in arena its so annoying that their root is 5 yards and necros stun is 4 yard while druids can hit me while im stunned i cant hit them when i stun them cause the sleep effect will go away. It will never be a fair fight with necro druid cause druid has the upoer hand with 5 yards. Necro bone shield seems just too weak i feel like it doesnt soak dmg like priest shield does but i could be wrong on that one.
  5. @Daria i dont want to push u guys but the dev team is so slow im already losing arenas because of this skill bug and gm not even decided to gice necros a free oblivion book :/
  6. Ye i can confirm the cd reduce doesnt work either
  7. Imurnigga

    semi retiring.

    Jackb i dont want to sound like im crying but as a necro player i habe 3200 def +9 arena lv 25 gears 42% resi and i still die by 1 ham im gettimg hit 800-1100 by +10 bds and u dont see me crying and necros dont have perma stuns that are op like warlocks. Neither do i cry about the fact necro stun is only 4 yards and all other stuns like druid root 5 yard which can just root a necro and go for full stun combo it really isnt fair but if u know how to play around it. I still dont know after all this.time playing how i can 1v1 a +10 bd without resi scrolls and war buff but u dont see my crying in world chat or forums
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